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Portable Green Power


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At a special ceremony today, CEO Ryan Morgan unveiled their miniature nuclear reactor to the world.

"With more and more emphasis on Green technology, it was a logical step for us." he said in his opening speech. "Its well known that nuclear energy does not emit greenhouse gasses, and it provides more energy per pound than any other fuel source today."

Nicknamed the Hyperion Power Module (or HPM for short), the specifics of these little wonders have stunned the energy industry. The average HPM is 1.5M across and 2.5M tall, a very compact unit with no moving internal parts. It can be set at the factory for one of two settings: 70MW for thermal uses or 25MW for steam turbine uses, after which it is then sealed and can be delivered by semi. Each has a life expectancy of about ten years, during which it can power up to 20,000 homes. At that time, it can be transported back to the factory where it will be refueled.

Some concerns were raised about the possibility of the fuel being used to make bombs. "You could, but it would take more time, more money and facilities that aren't readily available to the average person. It's a low enriched mixture of U-238 and U-235, at a ratio of nine to one in that order. A person would have a better chance of just starting with yellowcake, rather than having to reprocess what we use."

What of the waste that comes out at the ten year mark? "Well, for security reasons, I cant divulge specifics, but I can tell you that we're only talking about something the size of a football. A lot of that will be reprocessed and used again, and I can assure you the rest wont be just sitting in a bucket somewhere."

Initial estimates put the cost of each unit at around 25 million.


Scale Design of an HPM

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Chairman Wesker congratulates Spliff Technologies for this new form of energy, being a CEO himself he knows just how important reliable are to the public, this "HPM" is a breakthrough of nuclear technology.

He sends another congratulations.

However, what would be the risks of say a meltdown or a reactor leak?

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"The HRE has been using quite similar reactors, COINCIDENTIALLY naming them Hyperion Mk.II M nuclear reactor.

Are you sure you haven't stolen those from us?"

OOC: Proof:


After the shuttles and moonbases, before the tanks, it's named.

I've also put it into my factbook, used in ships.

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We have no need to steal anything from the HRE. Anything you have, either we dont need it, or we can make it ourselves. Plain and simple.

We can sell Molakia 25 right now, but it will take some time to deliver them. We dont exactly have an assembly line to stamp these out on, and Taeunas' needs for them will come first obviously. A better solution might be to allow Spiff Technologies to buy some land in Molakia where we can build a factory and processing center, using your own resources and being that much closer for delivery. This would speed up the process and allow for the larger order.

OOC: I found this while looking up stuff for my UG city construction RP. I'm sorry that I didnt take the time to go through everyone's factbooks after the search button turned up nothing.

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OOC: It is also a coincidence that this post came up barely a day after i RPd launch of my own mini reactors!! But they have a different name, KNJN, and are not based on Hyperion reactors but on Toshiba reactor!! :D

Of course thanks is in order to Lynneth who gave me the idea in the first place! :P

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