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Emperor in coma!

Eggman Empire

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!Special news bulletin from ENN!

A mere few minutes ago, Emperor Sammyace Kintober was found in his office unconscious and unresponsive. Although it's too early for a proper prognosis, doctors speculate it may be something along the lines of a brain stroke. The Emperor has been transported to a secret medical location for treatment, and is under heavy guard. Following the chain of succession, Iblis Kray; Head Senate Chancellor, has temporarily been placed in charge of the Emperor's position until the crisis has been resolved. Citizens are asked to pray to whatever being you worship that the Emperor makes a quick recovery.

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Avita Karnikov stood by the Emperor's bed observing the readouts from the life-support monitors. Everything seemed find with Kintober, except for the fact that he wouldn't wake up from this coma. Avita sighed. "I don't know what mess you've made this time, but I'll sure glad you had the foresight to bring a mop bucket." She grumbled, hefting the metal briefcase she was carrying and placed it on his bed. She popped it open and pulled out a needle gun filled with a dark red fluid. "Hope this works." Avita mumbled as she positioned the needle over his jugular and pushed it in. After finding the artery, she depressed the trigger. There was a pneumatic hiss as the gun pushed the fluid into Kintober's bloodstream.

For a moment, nothing happened, and Avita looked at the gun curiously. Then all the life-support monitors began screaming at her and then Kintober flat-lined. Avita looked at the screens dumbfounded. "Oh dear..." She breathed. Her mind raced as she thought desperately of how she was going to explain this. Just as panic threatened to overwhelm her, the machines began beeping again, and Kintober suddenly bolted upright. "JEEZUS!" Avita yelped stumbling back and nearly tripping over herself. Kintober shot her a wide eyed look and grinned.

"It's great to be freaking back!" He exclaimed, his voice tinged with a bit of crazy. Avita stared at the man in disbelief.

"You mind me asking why you fell into a coma?" She asked.

"Not at all and no idea!" He replied cheerily. He paused suddenly and patted his head. "That's funny, I'm missing information." He mused. "Brain damage? No...Amnesia? Most likely. Probably caused by whatever put me here." Kintober turned to Avita. "Say, what did put me here?" He asked.

"As far as everyone else knows, a blood clot in your brain. As far as we know? No idea. You were the picture of health when we brought you here." Avita explained. Kintober scratched his head, thinking.

"Regardless-" He exclaimed, jumping out of his bed. "-there is much work to do, like always! Come, my loyal Minister, we've things that needed squared away!" With that, he promptly rushed out of the room.

"Before you give a press conference, don't forget to change! You're only wearing a medical gown." She called after him.

"Decency can wait for business!" Kintober called back. Avita sighed and shuffled after him. Sometimes she wondered why she even accepted his job offer.

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