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Premier Stone, Three Members of the Premiers guard, 30 Grenadeer guards and and the flight staff of the Air forces converted Premier EB52 are beleived dead after the aircraft crashed on take off.

at 20.42pm the cockpit reported engine problems 15 minutes after takeoff report official sources within the airforce.

Witnesses report seeing the massive aircraft turn around and attempt returning to the airbase at an altitude of roughly 8000 feet, on its turning witness then say the aircraft plummeted steeply and banking to the left hard before slamming into the ground in a fireball.

Details are not known at the moment about how this has happened but security services and rescue forces are now on full alert at the crash scene battling the blaze and trying to find survivors.


This is the only image of the crash we have been sent in so far.

we will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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**news bulletin update**

at 00.25 am GMT rescue services recovered the Premier from the wreck.

offical government statement in short tells us:

*his left left has to be amputated

*his left hand, also has to be amputated due to severe burns and crushing

*he has suffering massive burn trauma to his left hand side

*he has gone blind in 1 eye

*requires massive skin grafts and plastic surgery to correct the damage.

*all other flight crew, guards and soldiers were killed on impact.

It is not known how the Premier Survived the crash but we beleive he was encased in a metal cacoon of seating, baggage and steel which protected most of his body.

his leg was severed at the knee when the steel crushed it

he suffered his burns after dragging himself out of the crash and collapsing into a sheet of white hot metal, his screams alterted the rescue services.

Years of war fighting, battle injury and his survival training which hardened the leader saved him. barely

he is currently En route to the Citadels hospital wing to undergo treatment of his wounds.

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