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Malvinas high command was struck today by its most heartfelt tragedy since goose green.

Generaly Stanley Appluase died at 3am at his residence earlier this morning after suffering a massive stroke.

At the age of 54 years old he was still young as far as age related illness passes, but post mortem by government doctors have revealed it was a severe stroke which lead to the mans death.

General "Ironclad" Applause was Premier Stones right hand man,mentor and father figure.

The late commander joined the army at the age of 18 and swiftly rose through the ranks, at the age of 32 he was a full colonal with his own independant battallion command, later in that year, a young premier stone joined the military at the young age of 16, not old enough to shave.

Taking the soon to be warhero and national leader under his wing, Stanley educated the boy and practicly raised him as his own.

Premier Barney, rather tearful as he stood at his podium to announce the news of his mentors passing had this today.

"Today is the saddest day of my life, not only have i lost a general, my right hand man, ive lost a friend and a father.

Stanley was a father figure to me, guided me and made me the man i am today.

In honour of the mans passing, all flags shall fly at half mast for 30 days.

Today, November 1st, shall forever be a day of mourning for myself, and also in Stanleys honour, i declare it a national holiday, a time for family and closeness, to appreciate what you have before it is cruelly snatched from you in the night"

With that the premier stepped down and was ushered into his car back to the citadel.

General Stanley Applause shall have a state funeral on November the 5th, the route will go from the gates of city 17, and will end at volunteer point, where the general shall be cremated and scattered into the sea.

this is MNN wishing you our condolances for our loss.

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