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(DNN) - Dragonisian economy on fire!

Maelstrom Vortex

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(DNN) Dragonisian City, Dragonisia - In recent developments, the people of Dragonisia are finding themselves dramatically approving of the Dragonisian transitional government. Today's markets soared over 20% on reports of massive successes in recent infrastructure development projects which have seen a substantial recovery in critical sectors of the economy. A full new slate of schools, universities, and sports stadiums has opened up throughout the country with rumors of an expansion Professional Football team, the Dragonisian Dragons, being formed to be seated here at home in Dragonisian City.

The radical expansion of the rail network to keep pace with potential demand from the inter-asian rail project is also yielding massive profits as industry continues to boom, even more strongly on the east coast which has been lacking in serious infrastructure development in the past. There are also rumors the government has resumed work on the Great War Memorial that was abandoned when the government moved its seat from Tasmania to India and that a colossal replica of the Imperial Five Toed dragon is to be built in the heart of the city in the courtyard of the capitol building over the next several months. The government has noted that with their recovering budget, this will be the least of their projects and they have many more scheduled for the future.

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"Zargathia congratulates Dragonisia on its rapid economical growth, and hopes it will reap the benefits of the Inter-Asia Rail Network for a long time to come."

The Zargathian message deliberately linked the economical growth to international trade, hoping that it would lessen the feelings of isolationism that were currently surging within Dragonisia.

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