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To Lead an Empire.


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"Well, those judges have finally taken over the Commonwealth. I can't say I miss the old government; Heh, I also can't say I like the new one." Saviri said as he yawned slowly.

Philip Bohm, an associate of Saviri since the days of the Greater Nordic Reich chimed in with this opinion. "Aye, sir, not like this country doesn't need anymore turmoil. I heard the Judges just sacked nine cabinet ministers. I'm sure you're next in line to lose your job. Those judges...they're just in it for the power."

Visari began to smile, even laughing a tiny bit "Hmm, fire me? I don't think they'd dare fire a man who has knowledge of the entire Commonwealth defense network and weapons technology, unless they wanted problems. I can pretty much tell you that problems from me are the last thing they want."

"Saviri, always plotting as usual. But you must be careful on how you conduct yourself. I think we should just keep calm for now. Maybe, the situation in this country will improve." Philip finished speaking and sipped a bit of Russian Vodka.

Saviri shook his head slowly and stood up, "To be honest, Philip...I don't think keeping calm will be in our best interest. I think we should act. This regime will be the downfall of this nation. I will not allow another nation to fall, especially under my watch. You must remember, I have control of the military, we could easily topple this regime."

"Saviri, what happened three years ago is the past. Germany was your father's situation. That regime had to collapse, and you know that. You have to think about yourself, not some family name." Philip closed his eyes slowly "We can't all be heroes."

"I do know what my father did was wrong. He was a man who chose to do things differently. With his actions, he disgraced an entire generation. He disgraced a nation and a people. He could have been a hero; he could have stood for what was right. He, however, chose not to. But me? I will. I will do whatever I can to end this regime." Saviri began to walk over to his desk, where he picked up his signature shades.

"And who do you think will help you in this task? The Visari name has been damaged beyond all belief." Philip responded

"I'm a Visari. I will beat all the odds, and you forget we have friends in Dalmatia." Visari said with a smirk on this face

Philip stood back, with a shocked look on his face. "The Nordic Socialist Party? Do you think they'll really want to work with you?"

"I do not represent my fathers ideals. They do not represent the ideals of the old Greater German Nordic Socialist Party. Heh, I do think they will help. As for me, I am heading to the Ministry of Defense to rally support." Visari said as he walked out of the door.

Philip laughed, "Those Visari's..they have a strange way of doing things."

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"Let me get this straight; YOU want us to help you topple the Commonwealth?" Prime Minister Aleksandar Andrej asked with a look of shock on this face. "Our good name has been dragged in the mud enough, you want us to utterly finish it off? People call us genocidal, racist.."

Michael Visari interupped, "Racist, cultural destroyers, imperialist and my favorite being the "skorge" of Europe. It is all funny when you think about it. Racism? We brought all racial ethnicities in Europe together. cultural destroyers? How is that possible when all cultures kept their autonomy? You see, fools will only believe what they want. It is most unfortunate how the world operates."

Aleksandar Andrej shook his head in agreement, "I agree with everything you have said Michael, but what am I supposed to do? Launch invasion of the Commonwealth? What will I tell my people? How will the world act?"

"The Commonwealth is so fragile right now. You wouldn't have to invade it at all. It's bound to collapse sooner or later. Those judges, they are tearing the very foundations of that nation apart. All you would need to do is march in and claim the land for yourself. The Commonwealth military? I control it and most generals have pledged absolute loyalty to me. " Visari said, as he smiled.

"And what will you do?" Prime Minister Aleksandar Andrej asked

"Of course, I will plant the seeds. Just leave it all to me. I will keep you updated." Visari said as he departed the abandoned building on the outskirts of Dalmatia

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Michael Visari sat in the passenger hold of his private helicopter, looking nervously at his watch. When the hand on the clock hit 5 o'clock, he picked up his cell phone and dialed the phone number of a loyalist command.

"Send the signal out to loyalist units around the Commonwealth. We are to begin operations..immediately." Visari said in a quiet tone.

"What about the Judges?" the lone commander asked.

"They are to be arrested and tried for their crimes of treason..of course." Visari put the phone down and smirked, picking up the phone to dial another number.

"Philip, declare the Commonwealth in a state of emergency, citing rebel elements. Request aid from the Republic of Dalmatia. Of course, the situation is serious, and we need help as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir."

With his orders, the move to abolish the rule of the 5 Judges was now in motion.

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The loyalist troops took to the streets of Prague and Krakow. They invaded government buildings and arrested the Council of Five for crimes against the Commonwealth. They held their territory in case anyone loyal to the Judges decided they would ensure they stay in power. Martial Law was placed upon the once great nation of the Commonwealth, a nation that had fallen.

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Citing a call of military assistance from the Commonwealth, we are deploying two armed divisions into the country to ensure peace and stability.

Two rapid deployment divisions of the Dalmatia Armed Forces began to enter the Commonwealth. Their goal was to secure government centers and back up loyalist troops, who had made the move to remove the corrupt council of five. Air Assault troops began to land in Prague and Krakow, taking control of the capital. Needless to say, the operation was smooth. There was no resistance, as the military of the commonwealth was in full support of the rebellion. The civilians, themselves, welcomed the Dalmatia Armed Forces with open arms.

Upon capturing the capital, the Nordic Socialist Aleksandar Andrej issued a short decree concerning the administration of the Commonwealth.

1. The Commonwealth will become an region under Dalmatia, fully administered by the Dalmatia Central Government, which is the Nordic Socialist Government of Dalmatia

Amidst the turmoil, Michael Visari's helicopter landed just outside the Judge's palace. He had arrived just in time to see the Judges being escorted one by one out of the building, into waiting armored vehicles.

"Mission.Accomplished." Visari said with a smirk on his face "I will go to speak with Prime Minister Aleksandar Andrej about the future. I forsee great things."

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"And you want to lead this new 'Greater' Dalmatia?". Aleksandar Andrej asked with a look on concern on this face. "If I may blunt, it was your father that destroyed the Nordic Socialist name. He took what Martens created and drove it into the ground. What makes you think, of all people, think he can savage Nordic Socialism?"

"My father, Scolar Visari, was a man blinded by rage and ambition. His rage letd him to destruction; I can't deny that." Michael Visari sighed, "Yes, he did all those things, but I must repair the Visari name. In repairing the Visari name, I will fix the name of Nordic Socialism. I look at you and the Nordic Socialist party in Dalmatia. You guys are doing wonders for the people. But you are following the same path. A law to monitor this, and a law to monitor that. That is not the way."

Aleksandar Andrej stood up and adjusted his uniform, "Michael, I do agree that Nordic Socialism needs changes, but you cannot say it doesn't work. In Dalmatia, unemployment and crime has fallen to an all time low, the same as the Greater Nordic Reich. Sometimes, the population needs to be nudged.."

"Nudged into submission? I agree with the ethics of National Socialism, but Dalmatia is going too far..the Nordic Socialist party needs revival comrade Aleksandar. I ask you to let me lead this new nation and the new Nordic Socialism into the future.."

Aleksandar Andrej smiled, "You are just like your father. Always wanting to lead someting. Always trying to be a hero. He was a hero to the people of Germany after the occupation of the UFE. He was a hero in the Greater Nordic Reich.."

Visari interrupted, "But unlike my father, I plan to preserve Nordic Socialism and the nation I command..not destroy it.."

"I hope you are right." Aleksander sat down in his chair, stretched slightly. "I guess it's time for me to move to the back of politics, anyway. I do need a vacation after all, Prime Minister and General Secretary of the Nordic Socialist Party, Michael Visari."

Visari smirked and reached out a hand to Aleksandar's hand, "I won't be failing you anytime soon, comrade."

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