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Conglomerate of Kivortistan


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OOC: This is mainly a declaration of existence to the CNRP community and a little history of the nation. Also i didn't bother posting any detailed battles because I found this to be too long already in my eyes. keep in mind that Kivortistan's soldier count from using The Stig's calculator is 536,000 soldiers while the citizen count is 6,700,000 exactly and my nation is currently capable of handling 4,100 tanks. All smaller entities have been excluded from the map as it was just for map clarification. The three main groups control the land within the borders detailed.


The Origins of the Groups that make up Kivortistan The Iron Brotherhood

The Conglomerate of Kivortistan the areas it encompasses were originally engulfed in warfare. Many different groups of people fought for control over the region. There were nearly thirty different groups beginning with The Iron Brotherhood (TIB for short) who were the most powerful in the region employing more than two hundred and fifty thousand soldiers, two thousand five hundred tanks, as well as many other vehicles. Their headquarters was based in one of the southern most points close to where Kivortistan borders the Dragon Empire. They were led by a Russian born man by the name of Georgi Reslov. Except for his closest lieutenants no one knew what he looked like, what his plans were, and even where he lived. He trusts nearly no one and will never appear in person, for diplomatic situations he always will send a trusted sergeant. For all documents that need his signature for approval only Major General Dmitri Slilosivic takes them to him using stealthy means so he cannot be followed. However Reslov is not completely defenseless if people found out where he lived, he is protected by the Brotherhood’s Black Ops whom were trained by himself to protect him. TIB has had no real domestic policies except that anyone suspected of being a spy for another group would be shot immediately. TIB was extremely suspicious of other groups trying to infiltrate their own, since there have been repeated incidences of spies being discovered in the Usurgi Guard (TIB’s ally) with a few of Usurgi’s senior officers shot.

Code Blue

One of TIB’s biggest adversaries was Code Blue. Code Blue was a mercenary group which started off fighting for TIB, but soon after TIB realized Code Blue’s strength they tried to eliminate Code Blue in the Moline Offensive. The Offensive was a partial success with Code Blue retreating to a different section of the land forming their base there. Before Kivortistan was formed into a country Code Blue employed one hundred thousand soldiers and several hundred tanks. Led by Jason Marcotte whose origins were from the United States or more specifically from the state of New York. After working for TIB Marcotte soon learned that it was wise to take up the same leadership style as Reslov. So like Reslov his whereabouts were known only by those he trusted most and he also never attended diplomatic negotiations. Code Blue joined a collation with nearly five other groups fighting for control over the area.

Relex’s Cossack Army

Frederick Relex, born into poverty in Austria he struggled growing up, he had heard rumors of a war raging in the modern day country of Kivortistan and he wanted to see them for himself. Through his own means he scraped enough money for a trip to Kivortistan and went there at the age of eighteen. Upon arrival he immediately found the nearest army recruiting post and enlisted. Little did he know and care that he had just joined the group called the Independent Cossack Fighters (ICF for short). The ICF was a medium size organization which rose to power because it had most of the airports and airbases in Kivortistan (since it was centered around the two major cities of Irkutsk and and Ulan Ude). Relex for five years fought on the ground proving himself worthy of officer material. As soon as he was promoted to captain in the seventh year he got extremely lucky, one of the senior officers in the ICF was killed by an airstrike and Relex was promoted to take his place in the ICF which was general of the northern sector where TIB rarely ever attacked. Relex three years of being in command of the northern sector and after becoming one of the closest friends to the current leader, he became the heir to the leadership position. He was only twenty six at this time and was extremely happy until the current leader was killed 8 months later (Classified as to how he died) leaving him to fill the spot. Soon after he won a huge battle against TIB and he became a hero of Cossacks and they renamed the ICF Relex’s Cossack Army (RCA for short). RCA before the creation of Kivortistan consisted of one hundred thousand and twenty thousand men and employed numerous tanks as well as most of the air force which is now present in the modern country of Kivortistan. RCA is also one of TIB’s greatest adversaries. Relex was the only leader whose location was known by almost the entire group. He was usually within an underground bunker constructed three weeks before the previous leaders death.

Formation of The Conglomerate of Kivortistan

TIB, still seeking to create a powerful country while being unable to do it by themselves (fighting with Code Blue and Relex made it clear that they could not do it by themselves) eventually made agreements with their two main adversaries and their allies which would bring about the formation of Kivortistan. Code Blue was originally skeptical of the agreement, but soon caved after RCA agreed. A Triumvirate between Relex, Reslov, and Marcotte was created with each of the groups retaining their borders and still not fully trusting each other. The Usurgi Guard and many other groups also joined Code Blue, TIB, and RCA in the creation, but a few other groups remained independent. Those few groups were easily and immediately stamped out by the new formation. Only the Communist Liberation Army held its own for more than two weeks. However after a month they caved and disbanded after their headquarters was taken and their leadership killed. Soon afterward the triumvirate agreed that they should control the country together like a dictatorship though and so they had control over all internal affairs, but rarely dealt with business because they were outright capitalists and only concerned with stopping people denouncing the new government and trying to cause rebellions. Certain affairs that was standard policy, was that all criminals were to be impressed into the army or if they didn’t agree to be executed immediately by whatever method the executioner saw fit. Usually the execution was done just by a one man firing squad, but there have been cases of bayoneting, and running multiple criminals over with a tank. Easy to say criminal activities are not tolerated and are decreasing overall. The Triumvirate also agreed that trade was not to be permitted with any country until they completely and fully trusted that country. All private news companies were taken over by the government and turned nationalistic to make sure nothing secret would get out in the future. In aggressive wars the triumvirate still control’s their own armies and can choose to help the attacking triumvirate if they want to. The Conglomerate of Kivortistan remains very militaristic and very skeptical as to the intention of other nations. The Country will get involved in any war that ravages its neighbors whether they agree to it or not. It also doesn’t really care if other nations recognize its existence unless Kivortistan wishes to pursue relations with one of those nations.

OOC: So hello everyone feel free to post whatever you want in this topic as I really don't care what it is and I am here to give CNRP a go since it looked interesting when i wandered in here on the forums like 3 weeks ago.

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We welcome this new nation and hope the uneasy peace can give way to prosperity. We are willing to establish diplomatic ties and interested in possibly making a treaty with your conglomerate.

Alright, right now I am all for some treaties with people since I just joined.

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"Zargathia welcomes Kivortistan to the world. We hope that peace between the groups that make up the Conglomerate will prove to be a long lasting one, so that the area may flourish under your cooperative rule now that the fighting has stopped."

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