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Into the Abyss


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OOC: I will post at the top of every page if the contents are public information or not. The following is not public information.

“Swan is in position; guide the plane into the hangar”

The man reached forward and adjusted the scope a little towards the right before replying, “Roger Gecko-Three, plane will be guided safely into the hangar on schedule.”


An aide hurriedly tried to keep pace with the fast walking man in front of him. "Mr. President, the meeting is across the street at the Agricultural center, would you like to take the underground tunnel?"

Acelin von Berg glanced behind him, "Nonsense Franks, it's a great afternoon outside why backtrack and go downstairs and then underground when we can enjoy the pleasant afternoon air."

Franks nodded and stuffed a few papers into his pocket. "Quite right Mr. President, as always."


The gloved hand swept down and stroked the safety setting into the off position, then gently squeezed the trigger.


Franks and the President stepped outside and began to walk across the street. The President was right, it was a pleasant afternoon, not too hot with a gentle coastal breeze coming in from the north. Quite a rare treat for this time of year.


Franks head shot upwards and glanced around, frantically searching for where the sound originated from.


Franks crumpled to the ground, blood gushing from a wound in his chest. His last coherent thoughts were wondering why men in military uniforms were dragging the President's bleeding body towards a black van.


"The plane is in the hangar, shall we proceed as planned?"

"Roger, Archangel is now enacted. Proceed on schedule."

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OOC: This will be public info.

Island News interrupts your regularly scheduled programming for an urgent news update.

A few minutes ago shots rocked downtown New Jakarta. The President, Mr. Acelin von Berg, has been shot and kidnapped, he is presumed dead. The President's long time chief of staff, Arnold Franks, was assassinated a few feet away from where the President was shot. Security cameras showed three men dressed in uniforms of the nation's military drag the injured president into an awaiting van. We will keep you up to date as more information comes in to the news room. Truly today is a terrible day in our nation's history.

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OOC: Not Public information

Three men stood around a conference table, each man was dressed in a military uniform of The Republic of Yawoo. One was dressed in the the attire of a Commodore in the Yawooian Navy, another in the attire of a Brigadier General of the Yawooian Army, and the last, a Senior Air Marshall in the Yawooian Air-Command (Airforce's intelligence agency).

The Naval officer was frowning, "Are you sure that the cameras weren't in a position to capture our name badges? We don't want Archangel to end before it truly began."

"I told you already, my man on the inside took care of the camera placements last week," replied the Air Marshall.

"Then my men can commence Operation Gertrude?" asked the Brigadier General.

"Yes," the Air Marshall raised his glass, "here's to our new nation."

"To our new nation!" The others raised their glasses as well and toasted.


"Goltha Black, this is Goltha Red commence Operation Gertrude."

"Goltha Red, this is Goltha Black, roger Operation Gertrude is commencing."


OCC: Public info.

... and further devastation was wrought this afternoon as twin explosions rocked downtown New Jakarta. Foreign Affairs Minister Jarshezt and Defense Minister Rakesh Narajj were killed when their cars exploded as they left their buildings to go to an emergency cabinet meeting with Vice President Richard Ardmien. Has a new terrorist organization targeted our countries leadership or is this perhaps the beginnings of a foreign assault on our lands? The renaming cabinet members and the Vice President have been moved or are in route to safe locations across the islands. May God have mercy on us in this time of crisis.

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OOC: Not public

"Operation Gertrude was unsuccessful; only two cabinet members were killed. There must be a leak in our operation!"

"Nonsense Commodore you're always too quick to jump to conclusions. Perhaps cars were changed, not all of the security service has thrown in with us. Perhaps there are still some taking their duties seriously."

"I agree with the Air-Marshall, there have been no indications Archangel has been compromised. We proceed as planned."

"Very well, let us hope Agent X has gotten to the Sands."

"He is the best, there is no chance of a failure."


Locations: Unknown

Targets: Separatist Agents

Orders: Elimination

Special Orders: Any and all actions approved. Civil Liberties no longer exist for the duration of this operation.


Richard Ardmien

Acting President

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OOC: Not Public

Citizens of The Republic of Yawoo, this is your Vice President speaking. A few weeks ago, the President was assassinated and since then cabinet members have been hunted down and killed. I broadcast this message from a bunker outside of New Jakarta where the separatist agents have have me surrounded. Remaining loyal military personnel as well as law enforcement agents will be making their last stand here. We will not surrender, we will not quit. These separatists have broadcast lies they are murders and theifs - they aren't here to save you, they're here for their own greed. Transmission cuts out for a moment and then comes back in, screams are heard in the distance ... and I urge anyone able to, to flee the country and save your families. Gunshots appear to be closer and closer God bless you citizens and remember what we are doing here today for we shall not Transmission is cut off and after a few moments a new voice begins speaking This is General Barheim with the Republican Army the evil tyrants of the old regime have been over thrown.An official transmission will be broadcast on all stations shortly informing everyone of what has just occurred.

OOC: Public

Island News -

The former corrupt government of The Republic of Yawoo has been eliminated. A new government based on the freedom of all peoples will be installed immediately following this announcement. Former President and Chancellor Acelin von Berg committed suicide after writing a suicide note detailing all the corruption and fraud that he was apart of during his reign. More on this latest development as news comes in.

Edited by Yawoo
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