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OBR Business Hours

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Gentle Persons

The Order of the Black Rose has always sought to hear those who need to be heard.

The OBR maintains a nice new castle where diplomat and friend are welcome to come and share important information and concerns or a cold mug of mead by the warm fire.


In addition we now have a brand new shiny IRC channel.

#blackroseorder on Coldfront.

Now we know that traditionally it is a catch as catch can world and we try to be flexible and open to any who wish to communicate regardless of the time. However as the OBR is just a little more formal and we do not always have a Knight burnishing their sword ( we have a lot of old people and we have to go to work) we thought it would be polite to appoint two stalwart Squires to man the Battlements on IRC and the Diplomatic Chambers with official “Business Hours”. We will of course always maintain regular and emergency contact as is required. These Squires have however been well versed in sifting through the communiqués to determine who should be contacted ( and who is grumpy when woken from their bedchambers) with any issues relating to the full Rosular Kingdom OBR/BW/RoTR.

Please feel free to then contact them directly during “Business Hours” and they will direct your concerns immediately no waiting 48 hours for your message to go from one authority to another. We would ask that you let them know the nature of your concern , who we should contact back, what form of communication, where and by when you would like a response. Now if you just want to stop in and say Waaaazzzz Uuuuppp, any of our fine members would be happy to schmooze with you. You can never share too many mugs of mead or old war stories around the campfire so please come ahead.

Your Squire Rampant of IRC Diplomacy Squire Craven

“Office Hours” 17:00 EDT to 2:00 EDT poor lad needs a life so please keep him company.

Your Squire Rampant of Internal Diplomacy (Communications) Squire Stella

“Office Hours” 19:00 EDT to 24:00 EDT you do not look that good without sleep.

For those of you cheering the fact that you avoid the Dragon Lady Dame Hime Themis sorry this Knight will be patrolling regularly and will be available virtually every night.

The OBR welcomes all to keep in touch we love the company.

On Behalf of the Knights Council


Dame Hime Themis

Edited by Hime Themis
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I am the most lively lifeless person you will ever meet ;)

I am thankful for this honor

Ironically, the Good Dame edited the hours I said I was available. I told her I am around much more than that. She apparently thinks I need some sleep now and then :D

Edited by Craven
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