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Aeonic Imperium DoE

Itsuki Koizumi

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War Flag


Oh hai! Feel Free to drop by at #ai-te at irc.coldfront.net

We of the Aeonic Society Hereby proclaim our sovrenity in the World on Cybernations: Tournament Edition


Wanghis Kahn of Wangolia

Infidel Israeli of Unnamed

RA2Leader of Wallachia

Article I

We are a mostly peaceful alliance, attacking only unaligned nations and those who have wronged us. Those who attack an aligned will be severely punished for insubordination.

We are a mostly black team alliance. However exceptions can be made.

We have no universal flag and all nations are allowed to fly whatever flag they choose.

The 3 triumvirates: Controls Most of the stuff that goes in the alliance. For an important action to take place, 2/3 of the Triumvirs must vote on the action. Same goes for Vetos. Alliance Wars are chosen by the alliance as a whole

The Triumvirate is highest power in the alliance. The Triumvirate is in control of all internal and external affairs with the alliance. They can execute any laws they deem fit. The Triumvirate is a permanent position. The Triumvirate may appoint government positions. If a Triumvirate member steps down or is forced from their position then the other two are to propose a new triumvir to the senate.

Clause I: Triumvir of War

The Triumvir of War will be the Commander of the Aeonic Army and lead the Imperium in times of war. He is to lead the army into battle and help with organization. They may appoint Legates that will lead each legion.

Clause II: Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

The Triumvir of Foreign Affairs is responsible for maintaining diplomats and embassies of the Imperium. He is responsible for treaties and handling of foreign relations.

Clause III: Triumvir of Interior Affairs

The Triumvir of Interior Affairs is the internal affairs leader of the alliance. He is responsible for recruiting and maintaining the forums, finance, recruitment, and the academy. The Aedile is responsible for overseeing the senate election process.

appoint a new one.

Alliance War

War must be proposed by a triumvir and declared by the senate after a 51% margin of all senators is achieved (or 51% after 24 hours). The Aeonic Imperium is a weapons free alliance and members may use nukes at their discretion in an alliance wide conflict.

Hail Aeonic Imperium

Hail WOLF!

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