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Elections in Rakata

Yuthura Ban

Elections in Rakata  

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Elections are currently underway in the Rakatan Imperium as the Parliamentary seats are currently up for grabs by the three major parties. As it stands, the Rakata First Party has held a 63% majority within the legislature with the other two parties forming a coalition as opposition. There is much at stake as many within the population agree with the economic policies of the current administration, but differ on issues such as neutrality and military spending.

Current District Results In: 0%

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Each party has issued a pamphlet detailing in brief their stances on various issues:

Rakata First Party

On Healthcare Historically, the RFP have voted against a federally funded healthcare system, opting instead for a form of social inheritance based upon money spent in taxes, and the proceeds are used for retiree benefits. Most of the health service industry is privately owned.

On Military Spending The RFP is a supporter of the armed forces' ability to protect the mainland. In touch with this, we believe overspending on wasteful projects takes away from the integrity and purpose of the armed forces. We firmly support sensible expenditures.

On Neutrality Our belief that Rakatan interests serve as our first and foremost priority, we believe neutrality is the best foreign policy to achieve this. It gives us the energy and time to focus on what Rakatans need, before worrying about the other issues around the world.

Civic Democratic Party

On Healthcare The Civic Democratic Party supports a federal healthcare option to provide for the basic needs of the population. We firmly believe it is the government;s job to provide for all it's citizens.

On Military Spending The CDP supports a strong military, in an effort to defend all Rakatan interests here and abroad. We are a firm supporter of new projects and advanced weapons systems.

On Neutrality Neutrality is an unrealistic approach to us, and if elected we will work in concert with our friends abroad in developing prosperous relationships, and responsible use of force when needed.

Green Party

On Healthcare The Green Party supports a provincial option for Healthcare, giving provinces the ability to run their own systems as needed.

On Military Spending The Green Party does not support a strong military, and firmly believes in a smallest as possible defense force.

On Neutrality Neutrality as a way of life, is a fundamental Green concept, and it is something we will continue to uphold if elected.

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"Then after careful consideration, Zargathia will support the Rakata First Party. Though we agree with the CDP on matters of healthcare, the views on military expenditure and neutrality gave the RFP the upper hand."

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Important Foreign Affairs Announcement

The Prime Minister is pleased to present the results of our recent elections! With 100% of the results in, it is clear that the people have re-elected the Rakata First Party into a majority government. The Green Party has replaced the Civic Democratic Party as the primary opposition party. Roughly 135 seats were up for grabs, with the RFP receiving 43% of them, the Greens getting 31% and the CDP getting the remaining 25%.

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