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Exploits of a Fugitive


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OOC: a cooperative RP between me and Serg

IC: Tanzania, eastern Serca, 5km north of the border

Late May 2009

Four men and two women in worn, dusty combat fatigues of indeterminate national origin (both the people and their fatigues) snuck through some woods not far from a road. It was an hour or two after sunset; certainly more than an hour after they crossed Serca's poorly monitored border with Mozambique undetected. All six of them had been through almost nonstop hell for the last month - actually, more like the last eight or nine months - but it didn't show. All they were focused on right now was finding a place to regroup and lay low for a while, all the while keeping out of the grasp of the law.

For they were fugitives. Not just criminals, but war criminals of a high degree, wanted for treason by the country they had almost destroyed. One of them even had a $100,000,000 bounty out on him. Arctica's #1 most wanted man.

This man, Adam Lex, was charged with countless crimes connected to the rebellion he had orchestrated against the legitimate government of Arctica last August, and had simply disappeared when the rebellion was put down by several armies. Despite the efforts of the government he had betrayed, they could not find him. He had used what underworld connections he had to escape, and even then, barely. Mid-May had found him in Transvaal, where he attempted to seek work with the Provisional Military Government of Malan which was just starting up at the time. No such luck. Either they were uninterested, or, more likely, had sold him out to his government. Whatever the case, he decided to take his accomplices and make a dash for the border. The following weeks were a hectic run through Mozambique, and finally they had reached Serca, where Lex hoped he could settle down for a while and think what to do next.

Far from the clean-cut, disciplined military officer of days past, Lex had taken on a much more rugged appearance, with countless new wounds added by his run from the law and certain execution.

He wore a soldier's uniform from some army Transvaal had been fighting around May, and had a holster at his side as well as a combat knife. He wore a black glove on his right hand with three of the fingers (of the glove) cut off to accommodate firearms, showing heavy scarring. His red hair looked like it hadn't been cut in some time, and he was sporting a neglected beard.. His most noticeable feature was the right side of his face, which had been severely injured at some point; part of it had been burned, and an ugly scar emerged from his hair and went down to his chin, passing under an eyepatch. The scars looked recent, no older than a few months, a year at the most.

The group now inched toward the road. A car occasionally neared, and they hid behind trees, waiting for it to pass. When they were finally right next to the road, still mostly hidden in the brush, they waited. Finally, headlights appeared in the distance, coming from the north. Lex signalled to one of the men. The man nodded and took out his pistol. The headlights got closer, and the man stepped from the brush onto the road. He raised his gun into the air and held a hand out, as if he was a Sercan soldier manning some invisible barricade. The van slowed and stopped. The man gestured for the driver to exit. As the driver got out of his vehicle, the man holstered his pistol and approached the driver, who was unsure who stopped him.

Before he had time to think any more, the man closed in, pulled his combat knife from its sheath, and killed the unlucky civilian. After removing what money the man had and any identification he had on him, they hid the body away from the road and took possession of the van, turning it around and heading north to find a safehouse.

'Abandoned' house, outskirts of a town in Tanzania, eastern Serca

Present day

Dressed in much cleaner civilian attire now, Lex sat at a desk on the second floor of an abandoned house his little group had been squatting at the past month. He was clean-shaved and had dyed his hair a dark brown. This combined with his disfiguring face wounds ensured that the average citizen would not recognize him from his wanted picture without a very close look. The last month, mostly spent thinking and keeping himself fit while his accomplices went and made money and chased leads, had depressed him somewhat. He had screwed up so much last year, and instead of controlling the affairs of an entire nation - or even a part of its military, as he had done before his betrayal - he was stuck in some backwater in eastern Serca without many prospects for getting anywhere. Unlike Africa in the 20th century, Africa in the 21st wasn't a hellhole full of failed states and warlords and greedy oil companies. Serca was actually a developed, stable nation. And who would want him, really? There was a price on his head. His reputation was almost nothing. Foreign nations would probably turn him over for the reward, terrorist groups like the Dark Hand were all crazies and would probably kill him. So what was a guy to do?

There had to be some unrest in Serca to profit from, and if not, he would have to make some. So he had his accomplices look around for any groups that might have been trying to secure support or make a move against the government, or crime/drug cartels on their way up.

One of the men knocked on his door. "Come in," said Lex.

The man entered. "Mr. Black. We finally found someone." Lex had been using the name Joseph Black since he arrived in the town.


"We've got him in the basement."

At this, Black immediately stood up and made his way to the basement, where a member of a secretive local rebel group was being held after being captured by Black's men. He was forced to tell them the location of the group's base of operations. That night, two of the group - a man and a woman, neither of them Black - would make their way to the location. The captured member was kept alive to ensure he told the truth; if the two came back saying he lied, or didn't come back at all, he would be tortured some more.

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The man found himself locked and tied in some sort of basement or something. The man realized he was capture and in extraordinary pain everywhere. What do they want with me? he thinks and realizes this maybe the moment of life or death. He begins to speak...even through all the pain

"Where am I? What do you want with me? And Who the hell are you?"

The man goes by the name of Juan. A strange name for an Native born African. He is a member of the Iron Foot League. The most secrative group in Serca. They have tried nothing to rid Tanzania of Serca but plans were underway to lead the Sercans out of thier homeland.

He knew of such plans and was sworn to never tell the plans to ANYONE no matter the circumstance. He is to keep all rebellion plans under his belt. And whoever these people are will not break him.

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"All will be made clear to you in time," said the man with one eye as he entered the basement, hearing the prisoner's confused questions. The door shut. Juan's chair was faced away from the entrance and so for now he could only hear Black's voice. "My name is Joseph Black. You possess knowledge that I need and I will have it by the time this is over. When this ends is up to you."

"You will tell me about the organization you belong to. But let's start with your name."

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Juan is in a state of confsuion.What organization i belong to? How does he know any of this?. As Juan fills his head with questions he answers blakcs

"My name is Juan. Just Juan No need for last names where from. We go by first names and no more."

As Juan speaks to why why Black is so interested in him. And the organization he belongs to and how he knows these things.

"And what do you mean by organization?"

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"Alright then, Juan, let me tell you something." Of course, Juan didn't really have a choice. Behind him, he could hear metal shifting and clinking, as if somebody was arranging hand tools, or more likely, trying to decide which one was most appropriate for the situation. The sounds, however, were farther from Juan than Black's voice, who seemed not to notice them.

"We're new. You could say we need someone to show us around." Black put his hands on either side of the chair and spoke right into Juan's ear. "Word is you're the one to talk to about that." Of course, he was referring to roughly half a month of one of his associates tracking down someone involved with the Iron Foot League so they could pry out some information about the group.

Black stood back up and took his hands off the chair. "Now it won't be good for anyone here if you don't want to tell me what I need to know. But this is the last time I'll ask nice."

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Juan heard the noise in the background. He figured that if he doesnt cooperate that he will be tortured if not killed if he doesnt talk to this man.

Juan wasnt the least bit scared. he was tortured, beaten, hung by hooks from his heels upside down. he was taught not to speak under any circumstance, Unless however it was to his benefit. If this Black could help him then he could help Black.

"Well....It seems you already know much about me than you should have. It seems that you know all about the organization. You might even know of our plans.

Alright then Mr. Joseph Black.....What is it do you want me to show you?"

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Black actually knew very little of the group's plans; it had taken one of his men weeks just to track down a member of the elusive organization. All he really knew was that it was secretive and anti-Serca. He walked around the chair and crouched down in front of Juan. "I need you to show me your base of operations. My men and I are looking for some work. We know how to be discreet. Tell me its location, and I will send someone to negotiate something that benefits both of us." In other words, Juan's release for Black's group affiliating themselves with the League.

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Juan knew very well that showing any outsider the location of the secret base could mean death. Foir all Jaun knew was that this man was actually part of the Sercan Govenment trying to hault any operatives out there. Or this man could really benefit the organization in helping thier cause. Either way Juan could be i reaL TROUBLE. But this could be a huge step in asserting the groups power.

"This information that i am about to tell you is extremely sensitive and could have us ALL killed if told to the wrong people. I am apart of the Iron Foot League. Our main base is 20 miles south opf the northern border with whatever country that is up there. I believe its ISoA or something. Its on the outskirts of the town of Musora by Lake Victoria. But I must go with you. Any site of outsiders is death at the door step. It is very secrative and almost no one but us no where the place is."

What Juan didnt tell them was that the place has various mines buried under and he knew the exact place of the mines. Would he tell this information to Black, Maybe, If he didnt could mean his death.

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Black narrowed his eyes. Even if Juan was lying about the shoot on sight orders to get a chance at escape, Black simply couldn't take that risk, not with so few people at his disposal.

"Okay," he said, standing and moving to the back of the chair. He took a knife and cut Juan's binds. "There's still about eight hours before nightfall." He pointed to three members of his group. "Take him to the car, have him lead you to the base. Talk to his superiors, and get back here within two days. If he gives you any trouble..." Black didn't finish the sentence, but stood Juan up. "Come on. You're leaving now."

The rest of the group were also dressed in civilian clothes, though they were carrying sidearms. The woman and two men which had been chosen to go to the base escorted Juan outside and to a van. Two of them brought him into the back while the other one drove. He took them out of town on a northbound road.

"Where to?"

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After being let free, Juan thought about running. Running fat and far away from him. He could show them the base but then there is the possibilty of being killed of part of the 'disapperance' group which no one knew what exactly happened to him. But his hatred for Serca over grew his fear and he finally decides to show them the way.

"Well the bulding really is that far from here. ots probably about 55 miles north from this location. All you have to do is drive towards lake victoria. Just stay on this road."

Juan has many thoiughts running through his mind. He could kill all of them with one handbehind his back. But if they managed to capture him then he best not try. Also that Black person is one scary guy. Better not try it.

About an Hour Later

The Van arrives to the lake. To the drivers shock no building was viewable. Nothing could be seen. For a second treachery was thoiught beyond the others.

"Follow my exact footsteps. Do NOT take your own route this is for your safety."

Juan walks toward what seems lik the edge of the lake.

"Stay here I will be back with the leader."

As Jaun begins to wlak away He suddenly stops and makes a weird movement with his feet and a door in the ground opens up and Juan disappears.

Down in the cellar

Juan checks with the multiple gaurds and does the multipe secrete handshakes and gestures.

He reaches the room where Mr. Kaku is. He leads the organizatiuon and has a twisted mind and is not a forgiver.

"What the hell Juan you bring strangers?"

"Yes sir but they are here tohelp our caus...."

"SHUT IT!!! I have warned you time and time again"

"But Sir.."

"GAURDS Take the traitor to the 'Room' and teach him what happens when he defies me."

Two giant guys take Jaun away and that was that.

"No Kwbena go bring the outsiders to me. I want to officailly introduce myself."

"Yes Sir."

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As Kwbena comes up and directs them to follow inside, the three follow him down into the cellar and through the base to their leader. They each look around at the walls and guards, appearing to just be taking in the surroundings, but are counting the guards, their weapons, the number of entrances to the base...as they are taken to the leader, they notice that Juan is missing but do not inquire. One of the men takes the role of spokesman while the other two flank him, hands resting close to their guns.

"My name is Jackson. I am here on behalf of a Mr. Joseph Black who is interested in becoming an associate of your...group...Perhaps we can help each other."

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"You don't seem to have much of an operation here, and we can help you get it going. Also, we are not on very good terms with the law, and judging by where you live, I don't think you are either."

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"Well the law has yet to find out about us. Our operations need time. When we plan something it has to be big and cause as much problems to the Sercan government as possible. Can you help us acheive that?"

Kaku waits on an answer. This operation is the biggest ever planned in the African continent or even the world. If Jackson can help them pull it off then Kaku goals might just be acheived.

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Jackson sat down in a nearby chair. His companions did the same but remained alert.

"I'm not sure how much help we can be in the planning, as we are new here and know next to nothing about the country, but we can certainly help with other parts of the operation. Tell me what you intend to do, and I will relay the information to Mr. Black."

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"Well we can help you with finding your way around this country as we know it like we know our names.

Our operations are extremely sensitive and cannot leave this room. If we find out that you have told ANYONE I will see it that you will join Juan in the 'Room'."

Kaku breathes in and blows out very hard..

"We wish to attempt to Run Serca out of Tanzania. We wish to infiltrate the Sercan government and move towards overthorwing the Governmet. Do you think you can help us with that?"

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"Of course we can maintain OPSEC." Jackson stood. "A point of advice though," he said coldly, "we don't take well to threats, Mr. Black especially. Ensure that it does not happen again."

"Now, yes, we can help you achieve that goal. If we can make it too costly for Serca to keep Tanzania, they might just withdraw. Now, what resources do we have to work with?"

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"That is good. And as long as you dont double cross us you wont have to worry about any threats."

"Come follow me."

As Kaku leads, the two vistors follow. Once he stops they reach a door..Kaku knocks 3 times and kicks 4 and yels his name. The door opens with tens upon ten of guards on the other side.

As the two persons enter they became shocked as to all the weaponry hidden in there. Grenades to Rifles to snipers everything but tanks and planes could be found there.

"Here we are. We have gain this weaponry when the nation of Korriban fell. We hid majority of the overly powerful weaponry before the Sercan troops came through. Now we have the man power to use all these but we just need to find the right time to cause destraction and devastation. Do you think you can handle this?"

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The three fan out and look around the armory, looking through the stores of weapons and ammunition. Jackson hefted an RPG-7 and checked to see if the firing mechanism worked; of course, it was not loaded. After examining some of the other weapons, the three returned to Kaku.

"Quite an armory you've amassed," Jackson said. "The weapons seem to be in good condition. I believe we can help you with your plans. But first we must ensure that the men are prepared. Having a collection of heavy weaponry doesn't matter if the men are not well-versed in their use. Are they? They will also need to be proficient in guerilla warfare, stealth, and close-quarters combat. If they are, good. If not, we can help with that. To fight Serca, we will not only need these things, but a knowledge of what equipment they are using and how to combat it.

The future holds much work for us, but also potentially many rewards."

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Kaku thinks...Is his men really ready to combat the Central African power? He was not so sure. Yes his men could handle and very well use every peice of weaponry here. Most of his men are veterans of a military themselvs. But what Kaku didnt know was that is his men ready.

"Yes my men know very well on how to use every peice of weaponry here. But my biggest concrn is if they are ready for combact. 80% of my men are veterans from Korribans military but the rest has never seen combact.

They have underwent very intense training before being accepted into the league. They know every part of guerrilla warfare Stealth and the such.

Im sure we can figure out a way to know what equipment Serca is using. See the MoD is my Brother. Wew have a very horrible history and he tried to kill me."

What Kaku didnt tell them was that Dobe knew Kaku wasnt dead. Dobe has kept an eye out for him for years. Kaku plans on a visit to his long forgotten brother. Be it friendly or deadly.

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"The Minister of Defense, you say?" Jackson blinked. He was not easily surprised, but to hear that the man they had just found and decided to help was family with the person who would ultimately be in charge of fighting them...

"That's interesting. But we will have to return and inform Mr. Black of these developments. Now, I saw Juan do some pattern in the ground to reveal the entrance. And he warned us to follow him when approaching. What do you have out front? Pitfalls? Motion sensors? Mines?"

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A Smile came across Kaku's face. So many thoughts ran through his head.Lets just hope these guys are legit

"Oh yea about that. There are certain spots out there that are rigged with mines. My men will take you back out and you MUST follow there exact foot steps."

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The three followed the soldiers back out to their van, making sure to memorize the safe path through the minefield this time. They got into the van, turned it around, and soon disappeared from sight.

The following afternoon, the van returned. All six of them piled out and approached the secret entrance. The ones from last night led them through the minefield.

Not knowing of any password, Black simply stomped once on the entrance and shouted "It's Black!"

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Orders were given to allow Black in. He was an expected guest.

All six persons were lead to Kaku's layer and were told to sit tight and await for him.

"So Black has arrived. Well its nice to meet the infamous Black."

Kaku looks at Black curiously. He looks awfuly familiar. Maybe im just seeing things.

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All six of them were wearing casual civilian clothes. Black himself was dressed in some jeans and a checkered shirt. He would have worn sunglasses but the eyepatch would have it made it very awkward. He did look out of place in the clothes, though; looked like he would be more comfortable in fatigues or a ghillie suit.

Black locked eyes with Kaku, smiling a crooked smile, searching for any sign of recognition on the man's face. After all, aside from the scars, the eyepatch, the weathered look about him, and the brown hair (as opposed to red), he looked almost exactly like he did a year ago. If they were perceptive they would recognize him, but like in Transvaal, he hoped that by the time they did his identity would not matter.

"Yes, good to meet you. Kaku, is it? My men told me all about this place. Nice base you have here. I'm sure we'll be good friends." Of course, when the time came that Kaku betrayed him or simply outlived his usefulness, Black wouldn't think twice about making him have a little accident. But that time, he sensed, was far away and for now, he needed to get used to this new land.

"Now, if you ever want to get Serca to leave this place, you're going to need a good, flexible plan. We need to strike a balance in how much damage we cause: enough for them to consider giving up Tanzania, but not enough for them to send in an army to clean us out, or even call for outside help.

Since you want Tanzania to be free from them, we shouldn't target civilians; rather, military targets and possibly national-level politicians. If we don't want the Tanzanian people turning against us, we should leave them alone."

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