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The Dragon Empire approaches Viniland.

Maelstrom Vortex

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Salutations Prime Minister Pasquale Bianchi.

I'm issuing this to you on the behalf of the Empire. I would like to visit your beautiful nation at a time of your preference to discuss Dragon Empire policy towards Viniland and vice versa. The world is relatively quiet and I think now would be a good time to seek better relations on a more formal basis. I am currently touring Asia, but if it would be acceptable for me to visit you at the conclusion of the tour then I will have my staff collude with yours on a time and place as I am not really keeping track of my own schedule currently. I know the meeting would be within the week.

Topics I would like to discuss at such a meeting would be our formal ties in terms of co-operation and trade. I am looking to open as many free-trade venues and foreign markets as possible to Imperial capital. We're also looking to shore up allies around the globe in case unrest arises in the world again as was the case with the now fallen GNR. We seek those of like minds and given your peaceful nature and history of avoiding conflict we think your state is a strong candidate for such an effort.

Please respond at your convenience and I appreciate your time.

With due respect,

Maelstrom Vortex

Triumvirate Adviser of the Dragon Empire

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Reply from the desk of the Prime Minister

Viniland is very interested in furthering diplomatic talks and potentially cementing trade relations with the Empire. Arrangements in Recife will be made in order to receive your nation's representatives as soon as a date and times are set, as the city will be where I'll be at 100% sure. I will allow my staff (along with yours) to handle the finer details of the meeting.


-Pasquale Bianchi, Prime Minister of Viniland

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