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A cool US-NEAT announcement

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The US-NEAT Love Treaty (PIAT)


United under Scorn (US) and Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism (NEAT) agree to the following terms of non-aggression, intelligence and aid upon the signing of this document:

Article I

US and NEAT shall remain sovereign and independent of each other in both internal and external policies. Neither party takes responsibility for the independent actions or statements of the other unless explicitly identified as a joint statement.

Article II

A state of peace shall exist between our alliances. Both US and NEAT agree not to declare war upon the other, or encourage any other nation or alliance to declare war on the other or to allow the individual nations within each alliance to declare war on the other. We also pledge to settle disputes, if they arise, between ourselves through diplomatic channels. Members of both alliances are encouraged to provide advice and diplomatic assistance to each other as requested.

Article III

Neither alliance will engage in espionage against the other, allow any member nation to do the same or encourage any non-member nation to do the same. We agree that should either receive information that indicates a breach of the other’s security or a threat to the others welfare, the leadership of the other alliance will be notified through secure channels immediately. Other information may be shared as desired.

Article IV

Should either alliance take any action against any other alliance or nation not signatory to this treaty or be attacked by another alliance or nation, the other alliance is under no obligation to support or participate either financially or through the use of military action.

However, US and NEAT may choose to provide financial assistance to each other at any time and for any reason. This assistance will be considered free and clear of any future obligation unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Article V

Neither US or NEAT shall financially or militarily aid any other nation or alliance that is currently at war with the other alliance or an individual nation within the alliance. It is the responsibility of the leadership of each alliance to keep the other informed of any current wars.

Article VI

Should either US or NEAT see the need to dissolve this treaty, they shall notify the other signatory via their respective forums at least one week in advance.

Signed on behalf of US:

Lord Necroseer

Lady White Chocolate

Co-Founders & Leaders of US

Signed on behalf of NEAT:

The General Assembly

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I think you should just head straight to an ODP quite frankly, you don't need a piece of paper to signal your friendship.

But I suppose it's good to know you two have gone public with your relationship. ;)

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