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Pax Pacis defense plans/construction

King Kevz

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By the order of Natarle Badgiruel construction will begin immediatly on fortifying the borders of Pax Pacis against aggressive attack. Almost seventy five percent of the nation's budget will now be put into the construction of the nation's defenses.

First Line of defense:

Minefields will fully surrond the border of Pax Pacis with a mixture of anti-personal and anti-tank mines. The only clear passages will be the roadways and rail ways leading out and into the nation however, radio controlled claymore mines will be placed inwards facing the roadways to create some measure of stopping light vehicles and infantry.

Concealed and camoflauged bunkers and fire points will be spread out in a crescent shape around road and rail lines entering the nation so that their field of fire will cross creating a kill zone. A mix of machine gun and anti-tank guns will be placed inside the fire points so that all targets can be defeated.

Stationary anti-aircraft guns and surface to air missile batteries will be placed to cover the defenses from enemy air attack. Radar sites will be placed within the second line of defenses but with the ability to reach forward and detect enemy aircraft before they reach the first line. Undetground optical fibre cables will link the two so that they weapons themselves are not targetted.

Current Construction Progress is at 0% as work has just began.

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Construction stages and progress has been split into four different sections detailing the border's of Pax Pacis and as such will be updated as each direction improves.

North progress: 20% Trenches complete and basic consturction has began on laying anti-tank obstacles. At least two bunkers have been fully built as well as one fire point. Many other bunkers and fire points are in different stages of completion.

East progress: 2% Intial foundations are being laid down..

South progress: 4% Foundations have been laid and construction on the actual body of the bunkers has began. Trench systems to support bunkers are now being devised.

West progress: 2% Intial foundations are being laid down.

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As part of the defenses a new military force is being created within the army to be able to react to oncoming enemy assaults. This new force is named First Encounter Assault Recon or F.E.A.R for short. It is their duty to engage the intial enemy forces and hold them in place until reinforcements can arrive it is for that reason that only the elite will be allowed into the force as the duty will require almost superhuman feats to hold back the enemy.


The above displayed soldiers are as follows (From left to right): Regular FEAR soldier carrying the MK1 Submachine gun, Regular FEAR soldier carrying the Garner semi-automatic assault rifle, FEAR commander carrying the Mk2 Submachine gun, FEAR Urban pacifier carrying a Garner, FEAR security guard carrying a Grner rifle and finally the FEAR heavy assault trooper carrying the XL-14 grenade launcher.

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