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All was going well on this sunny day in the empire until three menacing men dressed in ceremonial white druidic robes entered the living quarters of Archdruid Forestseeker. The old druid's advisor had just returned from a press meeting when she saw the the three men surrounding Forestseeker who at the time was meditating. When one of the three men started to harass him, the old druid sprung into action grabbing a ceremonial sword off of his wall and instantly ended the offender. After seeing the death of one of his comrades, the second man tried to kill Forestseeker but to no avail, the second man was killed just as easily as the first. The final man, showing more expertise in weaponry then the other two, whipped out a katana and began to strike at the archdruid. As the battle went on, Forestseeker gained the upper hand by nearly slicing through the mysterious man's legs. Believing that the fight was over, Forestseeker began to put the sword back on the wall. Suddenly two gunshots came from the mysterious man one for the archdruid and one for himself. The advisor started to run and get the authorities. The end of the liberator had come to an end.

A broadcast is sent throughout the empire bringing a dark message

From Earthguard this is Terrestrian News Television.

Good evening citizens, it comes with great sadness to report that our great leader, the great liberator from the frozen wastelands, Archdruid Forestseeker was just murdered in his home by three mysterious men. All three of which are also dead. When we came into contact with authorities they only had this to say:

"Why would anybody do this? What son of a demon is responsible?!"

After later research into known terrorist groups in the empire, only two suspects were named:


1. The Terrestrian Republican Army of Druids (TRAD) an ultra conservative, isolationist party who could have been angered by an outreach attempt by The Archdruid to assist in the recent war with the former GNR.



2. The World Conversion Crusade (WCC) a radical group of Christian missionaries who have been using hit and run terrorist tactics to force an eradication of any "pagan" traditions left in the world. Their most recent target, our fine country.

The only question that I can imagine on everyone's mind now is "Who will lead us?"

The council of five will be making their emergency decision in the next 48 hours.

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Several hundered members of both groups have been caught trying to flee to our country by Marscurian Pakistan Border Patrol officers. Let's just say that they received the same treatment as all terrorists in our nation do, a trip to an amusement park. This place has only one ride...


A short drop and a sudden stop.

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The Archdruid's funeral has officially started, and has been set up with many modern attractions. The ceremony is taking place in a newly built arena in memorium to his greatness. A large 60 foot monitor has been se up showing slide shows and a documentary all about the great leader, as well as a speaker system playing the Archdruid's :

The first speech was directed to the crowd thanking them for their support of the country and their cooperation through this hard time. The next few hours were spent by the council of five reminiscing about Forestseeker, their fond memories about the good old days, and finally their plans for the future. Just as the announcement for the new archdruid, the monitor went to complete static and a loud, ominous laugh eminated from the sound system.

"My condolences for the old man, but my victims always get what they deserve"

"Who is this?'' Yelled an official

"I go by the name of Truedruid Darkcloud, and I am the leader of the Terrestrian Republican Army of Druids, and may I compliment you on a nice funeral decoration for my masterpiece, the body of the great liberator."

"You demon! Why would you do this to your own kind!" screamed a member of the five.

"Foolish elder, I was merely protecting my country along with all of you."

"What do you mean protecting? This is just murder, the Archdruid did nothing wrong!" Said the member

"Would you like a list of his crimes, okay: sending diplomats to foreign lands, assisting in a far away war, opening up borders to strangers, he led a campaign to destroy us! The outsiders are not to be trusted!" stated Darkcloud

"These countries are not outsiders or strangers, they are friends!" screamed the member

"Oh really, friends you say, what have these friends done for you, what benefits have you gotten from these so called friends!? recognition? NO! not a single word of praise has been said about your war efforts. Respect? NO! the outsiders treated your best men like a joke, not seriously at all. A simple thank you from the anti GNR forces? NO! NOT A SINGLE WORD, NOT A SINGLE FRIEND!" Shouted Darkcloud

"He's right! Down with the outsiders" shouted a man in a white cloak, this started a chain reaction in the massive crowd. Slogans started coming from the crowd "Down with Europe!" said one man, "What about us?!" said another, "Remember the 200! Where is their thank you?!" said another, This is your fault outsiders!" screamed a crying woman. "NOT A SINGLE WORD, NOT A SINGLE FRIEND! NOT A SINGLE WORD, NOT A SINGLE FRIEND! NOT A SINGLE WORD, NOT A SINGLE FRIEND!" Was heard from the crowd.

Soon massive riots and demonstrations sprung up and the police and army were called in to subdue the rioters.

"We may have to re-think our choice," whispered one council member to another...

ooc: more than three responding posts will be appreciated this time for plot reasons, kthnx!

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The Archdruid was murdered because of the actions of 'outsiders?' You claim we have not recognized you. I say you need to check your own history more carefully. Promised Land, a nation halfway around the world from you, was one of the first nations to recognize you as a sovereign nation.

And rest assured, your gesture of help in the war on the Greater Nordlandic Reich did not go unnoticed. Every nation who offered their help was recognized for their efforts.

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The country was in total anarchy. Pro-Terrorist forces fought pro-government forces in the streets. All remnants of the government have fled the lands, and the Terrestrian Empire has fallen. The emergency Archdruid Crazyleaf has led his supporters out of the land, where they will travel the world to hopefully find a new home. Before he left, he divided his land in two. He gave the west to Rebel Army and the east to Marscurian Pakistan, in hopes that they would be able to return peace and stability to its residents.


The leader of the Terrestrian Druids, Crazyleaf

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