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First Norman Project: Agirion


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Televisions on the news channels would now see an image of Vincent at a podium with the coat of arms of Normandy in prominence behind him.

"People, I realize that Caen, our current capital, will not suit our needs for a good seat of government. We need a city that blends modern architecture with the classic Norman building styles that have graced this good area for centuries. With that in mind, we are building a city called Agirion. The name comes from the Olld Norse word for sea, ægir, and the Gaelic word for wonder, ionadh (sp?). The city will be located on the River Loire, and the Ministry has already approved the bill. Construction starts right.......now." As he paused before now, he looked at a theoretical watch.

Next on the screen, an image of the current subdivisions of Normandie with Agirion's future location.


The reporter's voice began speaking, "This city will be it's own province between Lesser Brittany and Centre. The seat of the economy will remain in Nantes, as it is a suitible port city for such purposes."

Next on the screen was a slideshow of concept art for the future city.


The future site of the Ministry and the Senate


The residence of King Beauregard and the newly formed House Nugent.


The Foreign Ministry


The Ministry House (Where all the other ministries have their offices)


A view of the city from above

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OOC: Technically I suppose it means wonder, but iontas is much more commonly used. Iontas means marvel, wonder, amazement and I guess ionadh basically means the same although I honestly can't think of any context I would use it. Maybe its a different dialect.

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