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Murder on the high seas

Markus Wilding

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OOC: First off, no, I do not have an IG-navy yet. I hope to have one and I am well on my way to it. 1409 infra and rising. Second, this is set a year after the navy has been established, so if it is 2009 then this takes place in 2015. Third I've wanted to use this storyline for a long time and didn't want to wait.

IC: Petty Officer Sturm led a rather boring life on the USS Baffin. He operated the short-range sensors on the corvette that helped it to detect submarines and stealth aircraft flying low. He got up for another day of operating off the coast, checking to see if anyone that disliked Pangong decided to attack them. The COB (Captain Of the Boat) greeted Sturm with a sharp "Petty Officer Sturm, good to see you. Admiral wants you on your station ASAP. Guinee thinks that somebody's out to get us." Sturm replied with a quick yes sir and proceeded to his station. As he did, Admiral Dosch walked in. "COB, where is Petty Officer Einzig?" The COB looked at Petty Officer Einzig's post as long-range sensorman. "Don't know sir." Admiral Dosch rocked back and forth. "Where is Petty Officer Einzig?" he asked the men. The COB repeated after him "Where is Petty Officer Einzig?" The radioman, Petty Officer Guzzo, said, "Uh, I think he's still in his bunk. Didn't get up this mornin'." Admiral Dosch said to PO Sturm, "Petty Officer Sturm, go check and see that he's in his bunk." The COB repeated it. PO Sturm got up, told the Admiral he would get on it and proceeded to the bunk rooms. "Hey Donnie? Admiral wants ya on your...uh...oh god! COB! Admiral! We got a problem here!"

Petty Officer Einzig had been murdered.

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NCIS officer Kate Chaplin was surrounded by men in her office - literally. The others on her team were officer Paul Crockett, a young agent from Tahoe, assigned here after proving his worth and leaving Tahoe's NCIS. The other was Probation Officer Scott McGee, a new addition. He had worked for the Navy's computer security before and also transferred to NCIS. Her boss, also team leader was officer Frank Scanlan, the oldest and most sarcastic of the group. Kate sat down at her desk (the four desks they used faced each other only slightly) and Paul instantly said, "Bit late, aren't ya Kate? Oh, looky there, I just made a rhyme!" Kate opened a case file and said "Shut it, Crockett. Oh, look, I can too!" Scott was busily working on his computer. Frank walked in with his coffee and said "Gear up. Scott, get the truck." Scott grabbed the keys and said, "Uh, where to boss?" Paul got his coat on and said, "Well, I think it might be a case, Probie." Scott rolled his eyes. "Why do you insist on calling me 'Probie'?" Tony grabbed his pistol. "Cuz that's what ya are. Probie." Frank grabbed his pistol as well. "Petty Officer was murdered on the USS Baffin. Let's go!" The team had all their gear and gt into the elevator. Frank then smacked Paul on the back of his head. "What was that for?!" Frank took a sip of coffee and said, "Free."

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The team arrived at the Ellingford Naval Base, a few miles from the capital. The USS Baffin was docked there, waiting for the team to conduct their investigation. Frank got out along with the rest and said, "Kate, interveiw the crewmen. Scott, Paul, with me." Paul and Scott were still trying to get gear out of the van. "Uh, Boss, uh wait up!!" Paul left Scott to carry the (heavy) forensics kit by himself. Kate was already inside the ship, questioning Petty Officer Guzzo. "So, Petty Officer...?" Guzzo snapped back to attention. "Petty Officer Salvatore Guzzo, ma'am, radio operator and part-time longrange sensor man. I-I can't believe he's really gone..." Kate looked up at him. "You saw him as a friend?" Guzzo threw his hand down in disgust. "No, I hated his guts. He was always so freaking pompus, all high-n-mighty like he owned the ship or somethin. Never like that near the COB or Admiral, hell no. Ask anyone on this ship, they'll tell ya the same thing." Kate noted this in her notebook. Guzzo leaned up to see what she was writing. "Uh, whatcha writin' there?" She hid the notebook's contents from him. "Thing's I've noted about the case. No, you can't read it. So, tell me more about Petty Officer Einzig." Guzzo leaned back in his chair as he thought. "Oh, where do I start? He was a total jerk, for one thing. He acted like his post was THE most important - guess what, it ain't. He thought if he did well on the sensors he'd be promoted to the guns. God, what an idiot. He was a computer geek, not a freaking sharpshooter!" Kate stood up, closing the notebook. "Thank you, Petty Officer Guzzo. This is done for the time."

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