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Novus Niciae opens embassy district.

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The Republic of Novus Niciae has established a embassy district for the convenience of foreign dignitaries.

10 acre plots of land are now available by request for friendly and neutral nations to establish their offices in.

Novus Niciae understands the need for security and interested nations are encouraged to build their own embassies and they will be provided with basic accommodation for their embassy staff at the foreign ministry whilst their main embassy is under construction to ensure a smooth establishment of relations.

There is also a shopping precinct and gated luxury residential community for the convenience of the staff of the embassies.

OOC: I bought a foreign ministry improvement and I thought that this would be an appropriate point in the RP to open myself up to embassies.

Just post a picture of your embassy and name your ambassador and wait a few days (real time) for your embassy to be built.

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Raochin sends over Steve Kass'ad who brings several workers and sets up a nice shack somewhere with a desk, refrigerator, and TV in it.


We also invite you to make an embassy in our district as well.

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