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Official Dispatch from Nation of Britania


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The Commonwealth of Wighton and the Nation of Britania,

Reaffirming our desire to live in peace with all peoples and to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our respective alliances,

Desiring to rid and forever bury in the minds of all potential aggressors the false illusion that these parties stand alone, and

Resolving to strengthen our efforts for collective defense for the preservation of peace and security throughout the world,

Do agree as follows:


The above-named nations obligate themselves to desist from any act of violence, aggressive action, or attack on each other, either individually or jointly with other powers.


Whenever any nation, alliance, or union of alliances poses a clear and present danger to the nations of this treaty and is designated a threat by both nations of this treaty, both unless bound by treaty to non-aggression or neutrality shall jointly respond.


Each party recognizes that an armed attack upon either nation of this treaty, be it by a nation, an alliance, or a union of alliances, shall be construed as an attack upon both nations.


This treaty is firm and perpetual. Its bonds of union may only be broken 72 hours after a public announcement from a legitimate representative of the party seeking to withdraw.


This Treaty shall be ratified by the Commonwealth of Wighton and the Nation of Britania in accordance with their respective processes and shall enter into force when announcements of ratification have been delivered to the other party.

In witness whereof the undersigned alliances have signed this Treaty.

Signed for the Commonwealth:

-Varrin von Coursca


Signed for Britania:


Edited by Authur
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I have always had a lot of respect for you, Authur. You've always been intelligent, articulate, and most importantly respectful.

I am proud to call this man and his citizens a brother.

Thank you. You opinion honestly means a lot.

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I just wanted to publicly clarify why I have chosen this path for the few who have inquired.

After I left IRON last night I received several generous offers to join different alliances. I know some tremendous people on all sides of this conflict. It would have been easy to take one and avoid all of this. I could not bring myself to do it though. I have had my share of disagreements with certain former allies but out of love for my alliance and it's members I defended the allies even when I did not agree with them. Some here may consider that foolish, consider it contributing to the state the world exists in now. I will not disagree with them.

Every member makes a commitment to defend their allaince and her allies in good times and bad. Right or wrong I honored this commitment during the "good" times I can not bring myself to abandon them during the bad (I have done that once and it will haunt me throughout my days on this world). I do not support the actions that lead us all here but now that it has started I must honor the commitment I have made.

I do not know if this was the "right" decision, it is certainly not the smart one, but I will not abandon my personal convictions.

Best of luck to those I fight beside and against.

If I must die let it be by the swords of honorable men.

Edited by Authur
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You have always been one of the best, most loyal and most principled nations I've encountered. Good luck to you.

Oh and congratulations on your treaty, web, etc.

I actually sort of wish now that individual nations (e.g. friends) would make pacts with one another.

I'd never really considered it before...but I actually feel more personally connected to someone through a one-on-one treaty than in an alliance-to-alliance treaty (and I've signed my share of alliance treaties).

I am especially proud of Authur because he has always espoused honor, loyalty, dignity, and respect and last night, he backed that up.

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You have always been one of the best, most loyal and most principled nations I've encountered. Good luck to you.

Oh and congratulations on your treaty, web, etc.

Thank you Heft. I was always proud to serve under you and fight along side you. Perhaps someday I will get the chance to do so again.

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