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Vaule's Sapphire Revolution

Imperator Azenquor

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***Bunker underneath the Presidential Palace***

President Rokossovsky was deeply engrossed looking over the latest map data from the front and didn’t notice the absence of the Presidential Guard units or the lack of updates on the Crown Princess. The whereabouts of Prime Minister Ivanov were still unknown, but the President deemed the war a much more pressing matter. Little did he know that outside, the very fabric of the state was being undone and the very fate of the nation hung in the balance.

***Imperial Palace, Crown Princess’ Room***


Confined to her room since the “usurpation” ,Princess Azleya paced angrily about the room waiting for news from the Imperial Guard. Suddenly someone knocked at the door before entering the room. Instead of her captors, Azleya came face to face with four soldiers in white uniforms and gold epaulettes.

“Your Eminence, we have come to liberate you from your captivity. I am from the Order of the White Rose”-Soldier #1

“Excellent. Shall we go?”-Azleya

“As you wish your Majesty, there is much to be done.”-Soldier #1

“First we destroy Rokossovsky, then we end this absurd war.”-Azleya

“The Order has Commanders throughout the Vaule Army. How does Your Majesty plan to end the war?”-Soldier #1

“Using Operation Balta of course.”-Azleya

The group remained silent as they fled the palace under the cover of night.


-Crown Princess Azleya

***Undisclosed Location***

A coded message was sent to Nordheim requesting a dialogue with one of their representatives, or a representative from the NC via secure line.

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“I thank you for your quick response. As you are no doubt aware, there was a coup in Vaule prior to the illegal cancellation of the Sygh-Varthys Accords. I deeply apologize for the manner in which the illegal cancellation occurred. As we speak, elements loyal to the monarchy, and to Vaule are moving to restore Imperial control over the nation and to destroy the Socialist government.

We are a nation bound by a centuries old code of honor. In order to make up for the offense which the cancellation, although illegal, may have caused, I am prepared to not only restore the NAP but to take action against your enemies as well. Too long has Vaule sat by in RUSSIAN and fought someone else's wars for them. Given the situation, I can understand if you are apprehensive, but I assure you I mean every word.”-Princess Azleya

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"Indeed, we thank you for your honesty, and your efforts against this injustice. Should you ask of it, our forces are prepared to assist in the removal of this illegal government and return to royal rule. If you need assistance you need only ask." said the Secretary.

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With the war at an end, the citizens of Sygh-Varthys began moving out of the capital’s bomb shelters and underground bunkers. As they emerged, the citizens noticed something strange. The Imperial Guard was present on the streets of the capital in large numbers, and large screens were set up on the sides of skyscrapers that could be seen from a mile away.

At 7:00 pm on the dot, all channels in Vaule broadcasted a speech from the Presidential Palace. However instead of a message from President Rokossovsky, a pre-recorded speech by Princess Azleya began:


“Good evening citizens of Vaule,

As you are no doubt aware, a grave act of treason was committed by Vaule’s former President Rokossovsky. The President exceeded his authority in an attempt to overthrow both the Imperatrix and the Prime Minister of Vaule and to establish a Socialist entity in place of the government.

This plan has failed, and the rightful government has been restored. Despite this fact, forces loyal to the former President are still attempting to legitimize his Socialist coup and are attempting to restore him to power. They will fail. These events have illustrated the failure of Vaule’s democratic government and the failure of our institutions to deal with pressing matters. It is with this in mind that we will have to take dramatic steps to preserve Vaule’s stability in the face of an armed insurgency.

Effective immediately the Parliament and Senate are dissolved. The Supreme Court and all courts it holds jurisdiction over are dismissed. The Offices of President and Prime Minister are to remain vacant. All regional governments with the exception of the governing structures of Buryat province shall be dissolved. Elections scheduled for next week are canceled indefinitely.

In addition, Vaule will be placed under perpetual martial law for at least six months and a 6:00pm curfew will be in effect each day. The Constitution is also to be suspended, as is habeas corpus. The military shall be deployed throughout the nation to ensure order, as well as to combat the remaining forces loyal to the Socialists. Anyone possessing socialist material, or who is found to support either the former President or his units will be arrested. Displaying the flag of the self-proclaimed Vaulian Socialist Republic is a treasonous offense punishable by death.

Let us all co-operate to destroy the socialists. For only then can these extraordinary measures be lifted and Constitutional normality resume.”-Azleya

***Teleconference Room***

"We thank you for your support, however I believe that the Imperial forces are sufficient for now. We have already rooted out the Socialist elements in the capital and we are certain that the members of the illegal government shall shortly be arrested"

***6:55 pm Socialist Party HQ***

As soldiers stormed the building to arrest the party members, and possibly the former President, they were in for a surprise. As they searched room by room, they found no one. Their search also revealed that the entire building was empty and all files, furniture and computers were all removed.

In the Party Chief's office, a Vaule Socialist Republic flag hung from the ceiling. On the flag a large note was scribbled: "The Army of Socialist Vaule shall prevail, You have come this far but no further."

Angered at his failure, the Army Officer ripped the flag from the ceiling, and unknowingly started the timer on bombs hidden in the basement and the walls of the building.

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***Sygh-Varthys, Vaule***


-Riot police

The throng of people gathered in front of the Imperial palace continued their protest and demanded the return of democracy. In the aftermath of the European war, many were left stunned and angry by the outcome. Their frustrations, coupled with the power struggle, soon poured out onto the streets.

What started as a pro-democracy march soon turned into an anti-government rally. Shouts of “Long live the Socialist Revolution!” soon filled the square as people vented their frustration. For the most part, the riot police simply watched the situation unfold and stood ready to take action if the protests got violent. The 10,000 people in the square continued chanting even as night fell.

***Imperial Palace, South Gate***

A group of 5,000 protesters marched on the South Gate of the palace and avoided the crowd gathered in the square entirely. This group had much more direct demands, as they approached the South wall, they shouted in unison: “Death to the Imperatrix! Down with the monarchy!”

***Inside the Palace***

Princess Azleya sat on the Southern Balcony of the Palace facing the approaching the south gate. Unshaken by their approach, she sipped a cup of tea and stared off into the sunset.

Suddenly she heard a soft thump on the side of the palace wall next to the balcony. Dismissing it as nothing important, she stood and walked towards the balcony to get a better view of the protesters. As soon as she leaned over the balcony, she was hit between the eyes by a flying egg.

As she shrieked in surprise, her Deputy ran out onto the balcony. Immediately another volley of eggs pelted the balcony, and a voice from the south wall shouted: “If you don’t abdicate, next time I’ll be lobbin’ grenades instead of eggs!”

Seething, Azleya marched inside and summoned a servant who handed her a towel and watched as she wiped the egg off her face. One of the guards standing in the background whispered. “Would you like bacon with that?” as they tried not to laugh.

Turning to her Deputy, Azleya shouted:

“Order the guards to disperse the protesters at the Southern gate, immediately”-Azleya

“Right away your Majesty. I will order them to begin arrests”-Deputy

Before he could leave the room, Azleya shouted:

“I don’t want them arrested! I have no use for Socialist traitors, kill them all.”-Azleya

Stunned, but bound to his duties, the Deputy rushed to inform the commanders of the Imperial Guard of their new orders.

***Outside the Palace, at the South Gate***

The atmosphere of the protest was still tense as night approached. Protesters continued to chant as others hurled rocks at the Palace walls.

Suddenly Imperial Guard troops rushed out of the South gate and formed two ranks. The first rank held riot shields and pushed towards the protesters, while the second rank held rifles and stayed two steps behind the first.

After a last demand to disperse, they opened fire on the crowd. Shocked, those who managed to escape from the first volley unscathed ran in any direction they could to escape the violence. The units were relentless and marched forward firing non-stop. The crowd dissolved into chaos and confusion as the people could not believe that they were being fired upon.

A few protesters managed to escape from the South gate, they rushed towards the square to warn the other protesters. In minutes, the protesters in the square were up in arms and began rioting.



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