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  1. Bonus + Raise = Awesomeness!

  2. I came. I saw. I ate.Oh, and I got payed to do it! :D

  3. We got spring instead of winter. We have summer instead of spring. I'm guessing we'll get Hell on Earth instead of summer.

  4. 1st NpO, then INSOC now this? Hope you actually last.
  5. When I asked for Congress to show bipartisanship I didn't mean taring up the 1st Amendment and using the scraps for toilet paper live on C-SPAN!

  6. Oh, Publix...Me to customer on electric cart at store exit: "Need help out?"Customer: "No"Me thinking to myself: Why use an electric cart if you can walk?Customer: "Do the carts go here"Me: "No." (They go at the store entrance for obvious reasons.)Customer: "Can I leave this here?"Me: "No."Customer: "Okay, I'll leave this here with you." *Gets up and walks away.*Me: o_O

  7. I'm bored! I don't like being bored. :(

  8. 2. You actually change your sleep habits once or twice for a war that of course didn't happen. 4. You realize you posted IC in an OOC thread. 5. You read all the posts in a 20+ page thread. 12. You stop thinking of CN as schoolyard politics and start thinking of schoolyard politics as CN.[b] [/b] 27. You start have recurring dreams of Sponge trying to kill you. 29. You are relieved that Admin cares enough about the game to cancel his wedding anniversary plans.[b] [/b] 31. You think about Global Warming in terms of adding stars to the environment. 34. You compare the “Greats” (Alexander, Peter, etc.) to Ivan Moldavi. 36. You think “infra jump” whenever Obama talks about rebuilding infrastructure. 48. You refer to geopolitical process after World War II as “lines being drawn”.[b] [/b] 62. You refer to all fission and fusion devices as “nooks”. 66. You refer to your life savings as a warchest. 67. You know the real phrase for the Iraq War is INSTANT ANARCHY! 72. “Rolling a Hard Six” has replaced “throw a Hail Mary” in your daily euphemisms.[b] [/b] 91. You wonder why the tax rate for everyone isn’t at 30%. 99. You haven’t gone to bed before 3 AM for the past two weeks, because you’re too busy looking at real-time growth stats of Karma POW. 100. You wonder how the hell the US isn’t bill-locked 101. You read through this whole list and thought “I’ve done that!” more than 10 times.
  9. So it's 7:47AM and I get 2 alerts on m phone, a text and an email. They both say the same thing. $865 deposited into my account. :D

  10. Gott'a love Star Wars. :DPlayed from 3am to 4:30am, slept 'till 7:30am and sated playing again. If not for work I'd still be playing. Addictive game. lol

  11. Ah, work. Had a customer come in today, buy a cart full of stuff then ask us to hold to for her. No biggie, happens all the time but......Did she forget her wallet or realize she forgot to buy something? No. What did she forget you ask? HER CAR. How the @%*! do you forget your @%*!ing CAR?! How did she get to the store?Ah, work.

  12. The today and tomorrow are the days I look forward to the most every year, all the more so because I have to WAIT all year. Marry Christmas!

  13. I'm bored, someone save me. lol

  14. So yet another update on my crazy job, I should create a page. lolThis is my convo taking out an older customer today:Customer: I'm down the middle. I'm the white car.Me: *Sees 2 F'EN ROWS of white cars.*Customer: Wait, that doesn't help you much does it?Me: *Shaking my head no.* Nnooppee...Customer: Wait, I'm the car over there! *Points to the other end of the parking lot.* Sorry, I'm legally BLIND.Me: *In my head.* GOOD GOD THIS WOMAN IS DRIVING?!?!?!?!

  15. I love work. 1st a blind 72 year old women can't find the sanitizer. Her husband points her in the right direction but she goes to far and pulls the fire alarm (which was right next to the sanitizer). She then slowly backs away (they saw this on the camera) and walks to the bakery where she starts asking her husband what all the fuss was about ring to play it off. lmaoAnd then the night gets better when Ashley Santiago starts feeling the effects of sleep deprivation and starts acting high.....

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