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Prohibition ends in Transvaal


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Prohibition ended in Transvaal today, just in time for the thirsty fans partaking in today’s gold medal championship match in Transvaal World Cup III.

The Ministry of Finance and Trade announced that Transvaal had signed a new trade agreement for wheat, which would permit Springbok Lager to resume production. Breweries were closed over a month ago when the Federal Government lost saw their wheat trade cancelled. Wheat importing for beer was then held back as the Transvaler government focused its attention on the importation of uranium from Heft for completion of its nuclear weapons programme.

Minister Marthinus Hofmeyr also announced the first foreign investment venture in Transvaal when Dragonisia purchases a 49% interest into Springbok Breweries. “Our government supports free enterprise however we have traditionally been cautious about foreign investment. We felt the revitalization of our brewery would be the perfect means to test the waters to see how joint Transvaler-foreign ownership would work.”

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"We feel with Transvaal's rise to influence in the South African region that investments in assets in the nation are a very wise strategic decision. We know with the lifting of prohibition that the breweries are going to be in desperate need of capitol for new production start-up and we expect initial demand to be strong. Strong oversight from the Sovereign Wealth fund is also going to be administered to the breweries to ensure their business practices stay within the boundaries of both laws and ethics for the region."

"A cultural specialist has been hired as part of the administrative staff for this nation's section of the Sovereign Wealth fund and will communicate with all aspects of our economic operations in Transvaal as they mature, not only the Breweries. We're still going to have our eyes open to any other opportunities upon which the government of Transvaal feels secure with us utilizing. We hope to make Springbok a world renowned brand and to ensure many stable, well paying jobs for the people of Transvaal." ---Dawson Jones

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According to figures released today by the Ministry of Finance & Trade, the joint Dragonisia-Transvaler investment consortium managing the Springbok Lager brewery will earn approximently $100,600 profit per day resulting in an estimated annual profit of $36,719,000 - half of which is paid out directly to the Dragonisian investors for currency export.

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