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Update Attacks

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I have found that due to the small size of many of the nations in CM-TE that getting attacked before and just after update provides for an unfair advantage for those who decide to be on-line during update. A nation with 400 infra can be attacked by three nations with 600-700 infra just before update and then again immediately after update. Each attacker can destroy about 50 infra for a loss of 300 infra before the targeted nation realizes they are at war.

Now losing 300 out of 400 infra and then trying to return ground attacks results in such low odds of success that in effect the targeted nation is unable to mount any successful offensive ground attack. This in effect rewards those players that choose to be online at update.

In order to remedy the situation I offer two proposals.

1) After declaring war nations must wait 24 hours before being able to launch any attacks.

2) After completing a set of attacks nations must wait 12 hours before launching the next set of attacks.

Proposal one doesn't eliminate the problem but at least you will have fair warning and can choose to be on at update to defend your nation. It should also be fairly easy to code. It would also have a significant effect on strategy and the way the game is played.

Proposal two allows some time for the nation being attacked to retaliate before being totally devastated by multiple attacks. The time delay between attacks could be half the time between updates if more than 1 update were to occur in day.

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No. It's tournament edition. There's a lot of war. Either be online or suffer the consequences.

I understand your point, but not everyone can be on at update.

I know for me, I have school, and I have to go to sleep early. Update for me occurs

at 1:00 am and by that time I'm already in bed. So I do think the updates are a bit

unfair, and should be tweaked a bit. I agree with this suggestion. But maybe not the

long length of time that the proposals give. Other then that, I'm all for it :D

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Hell No...Plus, it can take a week to actually ZI someone. Once you've gotten them to a small enough infra ratio, you no longer do maximum damage with attacks.

Plus, this is TE and you can re-roll passed 400 infra in one day.

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