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Carthage News Thread


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Inner Struggles

The struggling democracratic government of the Republic faces threats from growing movements for a return of anarchism to the area and a large, brutal group demanding socialism. After many small scale attacks to the Republic's infrastructure, President Abasi declared war on the radical anarchists. It is expected that if successfully quelled, the nation may focus on the powerful socialists. 500 troops of the new army were sent into the southern part of the nation, the stage of most attacks and base for both groups.

Meanwhile, Morroccan politician Ha-Neul Cutlass publicly criticized the governments actions, claiming that "...too much foolish spending is being placed into beautifying the capital, rather than modernizing the ragtag group of young men you call an army, who are being thrown into battle with ruthless enemies of the state. And that is not even the worst of your actions, most of this foolish spending lands in the pockets of other politicians who where not even elected by the people." Cutlass is mixed Morroccan and European descent, his light skin setting him apart from the mostly black senate. The nation's history has molded it into a land of mixed African and European nationalities, from pure Africans, pure Europeans, and many variations of mixed. It has been a major struggle also for the government to unite the wide spreads between many groups within the nation.

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Military Disasters Force New Approach

A bloody and disasterous war is being faught in the southern half of our nation, as government forces clash with anarchist radicals. Guerilla attacks, and ambushes have pushed the small army further back across the midway between north and south. The President, in a risky move, met with Socialist leaders on an agreement. The agreement was successful, and guerenteed socialist aid against the anarchists and government forces would not move against the socialists. "The fighting int he south has become somewhat mroe intense, but our new cooperation agreement with the socialists have cemented our expected victory of the anarchist terror." stated the President. Also a program for training and arming the socialists is under planning, and not surprisingly, sharp criticism by senator Cabal Cutlass who had this to say, "Our President and his cabinet have completely misjudged the motives of the socialists who have shown in their actions, and even stated that their goal is national revolution. Let the program for training and equiping an army be for our own troops, not for the socialist terrorists. And the war in the south is no minor uprising, it is a Civil War, and this administration continues to feed false information to the state."

On a radio broacast the day after this announcement, Cabal Cutlass unleashed a fury of criticism on the government.

A mismanaged Civil War, along with wrecklace spending has left our economy weak. By making sacrifices, redirecting state spening, and treating our Civil War for what it is rather than masking it as an insignificant rebellion, we can take down threats to the state and reenergize as well as reorganize our work force. We will revive our economy this way.

And corruption has been layed deep into the foundation of our Republic. Believing itself, infact, above the law, this government pockets your money. The current government itself is the greatest threat to our state in these times. While we elected an incompitent president, he selected the rest of the government without concent of the people. These traitors of the state must be punished.

Finally, our national identity ontinues to elude us. It has almost become completely lost to time. Among the various cultures, languages, and ethnicities of our great land lies a powerful bond that connot be faded by a million alleged differences. United, we make up the Republic of Carthage, and only united will we rise to leave our mark ont he world deep, and constantly digging deeper our place in history, the present, and the future. Together we will restore our national pride. Together we will reach empire.

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Senator Cutlass Blasted by Piers

During a Senate meeting, Cutlass was called out by piers for his sharp criticism of the President and almost all of his government. Cutlass was asked to lighten his attacks on the administration, in light of military and political setbacks. After a long argument which ended in Cutlass's dramatic exit from the meeting, he aggreed to hold a speech congratulating the President on the successful passing of his first backed bill. The April Speech as it has been branded will take place in Cassablanca, the largest city in the Republic.

Also, after announcing the founding of the Cathaginian Nationalist Party, Cutlass shared heated retoric with socialist leadership when it claimed his party was instead a fascist party. He did not state he denied their claims, but instead claimed that the goals of the socialists will only lead the nation to a hopelesly destructive path if socialism succeeds.


Senator Cutlass at first Carthaginian Nationalist Party Convention

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We offer to send a division of the Oberstes Korps (roughly 20,000 men trained for counter-terrorism and dealing with anarchists) and half of the Wehrmacht 6th Armored (40,000 men, 10 Elefant heavy and 10 Panzer tanks) to Carthage to combat the anarchists.

President Abasi's reply to Alvonian aid offer- "I will quickly work with my administration to decide wether or not we will allow your troops into our territory. Although I can safely say that we are very greatful for your offer."

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April Speech Rally

As Cutlass and a small flock of national media arrived at the April Speech, the nation, especially its government was shocked to see such a massive crowd waiting anxiously to hear the words of the popular up-and-comming figure. His confident voice, and powerful words had penetrated deep into the hearts and minds of frustrated listeners who had tuned into to his radio broadcast, and read of his critical words of a wreckless government. The relative quiet was shattered when Cutlass approached the podium. The crowd called to him, demanding to know more truths, demanding recieve more sympathy, demanding to hear his voice. Many had braught with them Carthaginian Nationalist Party flags, waving them back and forth showing their support for Cutlass. He smiled, looking down at the prepared speech he tore the paper to shreds. And with a tight grip ont he podium, his bored eyes blazed with fiery determination, and passion...

(News Broadcast)

" You join us live at Senator Cutlass's April Speech, which has unexpectadly drawn in a massive crowd, transforming the occassion into what many are calling the Fascists' April Rally. Countless have gathered on this beautiful day is Cassablanca to witness and hear the popular Cutlass speak before them. We tune in now as he begins to address the crowd."

"Remember our long and glorious past. The great past from which we have been named; the mighty Carthaginian Empire. The shadow of that gloriouslness is materializing and will solidify once more into a powerful force, once we break this democratic government's paracital grip on our nation.

Our current leadership is indecisive, we need a strong effective leader. One who will rebuild the army to defend our state against its enemies and retake the lands unfairly lost from us.

But all this will not come without sacrifice, and we must make sacrifices to return o economic health.

Put the welfare of the State above all, and our country will be a great power again!

The crowd explodes in cheers of both agreement and anger towards the current administration.

Cutlass raises his outstretched arm infront of him, raising it to a 60 degree angle with palm upwards indicating those still sitting int he crowd should now stand. But unexpectadly the crowd not only stands but mimics his gesture repeatedly as they chant the party slogan "Where? To Empire!".

Cutlass-"To where!!"

Crowd- "To Empire!!!"

Cutlass- Where!!

Crowd- "To Empire!!!"

Cutlass- "Where!!

Crowd- "To Empire!!!"


Flag of the Carthaginian Nationalist Party

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"Uprising Quelled"

President Abasi announces a triumphant quelling of the Anarchist movement. As the Anarchists are all but eliminated form our lands, as the government celebrates, the powerful Socialist movement has laid claim to several towns in the southern parts of the nation in the name of socialism. Despite this, the President has ordered his troops to return to Rabat, the capital, for a victory parade. This time Cutlass need not speak on the foolishness of this move, the public is outraged that the government is allowign the Socialists such freedoms. It is rumored that 6 towns have fallen to the Socialists, but the armed forces are barely in any position to defend the nation anyways, claimed several men from the President's cabinet. This did not help to settle growing fears of a militant Socialist workers revolt. This fear is gripping tightest on the nation's middle class, aristocracy, leaders of industry, as well as much of the tired and frustrated army. All of these groups seemed to simultaniously rally in support in support of Cutlass's extreme Nationalist movement, in other terms Fascism, which the nation prefers to the Socialists and especially to the failling democratic system. A strong group, hundreds of members strong, has taken to the streets in support of Cutlass. Identifying themselves with grey shirts, they have begun to attack Socialists and remaining Anarchists, on the streets breaking up their rallies and storming their meeting halls; "they are combating the groups better than the government had" stated Cutlass.

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