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SkyCity Heavy Industries Headquarters

Chung Mong-joon looked over the current status of ships that were being built in the shipyard at Saipan. He was still somewhat astonished at how someone would order an entire navy to be built. 4 corvettes, 4 battleships, 3 cruisers, 6 submarines, and 6 aircraft carriers.... And this list didn't include the upcoming orders for destroyers, frigates, and landing ships.

Either way, the ships were almost finished, and when they're launched, the western Pacific will be facing a force to be reckoned with, capable to beating off all except the naval forces of Glorious Aotearoa.......

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Defence Development Agency, SkyCity

Kei Shojitsu was walking down the passageways of Defence Development Agency, with a report in his hand. The Dennetsu Kagakuhou was progressing very quickly after the project data was moved from the Black Mesa Research Facility. Those scientists in the facility were geniuses, but they really didn't have what it takes to actually make things practical. Therefore, it took a civilian corporation to get things right.


A huge explosion rocked the building, almost throwing Kei onto the floor if it wasn't for his sense of balance. As the concussions lessened, he started running down the stairs, to the firing room......

Smoke could be seen flooding out of the enterance. With a kick, the door fly off the hinges, crashing into the other side of the room. As the smoke cleared, a coughing figure could be seen.

*Cough* *Cough*

"You all right?"

The figure stood still for a second, then slowly looked up towards Kei.


The outburst managed to startle the hardened warrior, enough to make him fall backward in surprise.

"That's it! The mixture was wrong from the start, with the percentage of the energetic liquid component being too low to fully gather to full potential! I'll probably use more of nitrate ester to make sure that the continuous liquid phase is substained long enough for the cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine burning to be controlled by variation of the interfacial area between phases...."

As the long-winded speech tore into his ears, he wouldn't help but cover them in pain.

"Hey hey Mika, I don't !@#$@#$ understand what the $%&@ you're talking about. Stop the jargon and use plain language!"

"Oh, sorry Kei-chan, didn't know you were there."

The girl in the firing room turned around to face the Tyrant, her spunky face warming the air around her.


Houzuki Mika

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Huge drops of sweat formed upon Kei's face.

"Well, now that you know, tell me what progress you made with the Dennetsu Kagakuhou."

"Okay, Kei-chan."

"DON'T !@#$@#$ CALL ME KEI-CHAN!!!!!!"

"All right, all right...."

She punches in a few numbers into a small laptop, and thousands of meaningless numbers appears on the wall screen.

"After looking at the data from Black Mesa, I managed to configurate the version mixtures to make the perfect mix. If the theories are correct, we'll be able to shoot at a muzzle velocity reach 2800 m/s."

"2800 m/s?!?!?!"

"Yeah. The theoratical max speed is 3000, but as we all know, you can't get perfect energy."

"What would 2800 equal to?

"If we use a 140mm, around a penetrating power of 33 MJ."

"33 MJ? How does that compare."

"Well, the best non-coilgun tanks have a penetrating power of 9 MJ, so about 3.7 times."

"That is just brilliant, Mika, brilliant. What about the naval gun?"

Another row of meaningless numbers appears on the screen.

"The max we got is 1900 m/s, so a range of 350 km with a CEP of 0.5 meters is possible. I concluded that using depleted uranium shells should be the best, given that it is self-sharpening and pyrophoric."

"350km? Can we go any further?"

"No, unless you're willing to bust the guns on a single shot. Besides, this is what the original plans of the Shirada guns were like. Whoever designed it is a genius, I have to say. It's been done without any help of computers, right?"


"Wow, just insane....."

"When can these go into full production?"

"Sometimes next week, I need to refine the exact workings with some testing."

"Get to work then. See ya."

Kei left the room, proceeding on to another part of the building.

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The next room that Kei entered was as dark as a black hole, with only one source of light. There, in the center of the room, was a piece of silver-looking metal. After reading the data from the observer screen, he went back out.

The objective of this metal was induced gamma emission. The basic concept is simple. The idea starts with a hopped-up nucleus called an isomer. This isomer stores a large amount of energy inside it, and releasing that energy, there can be an enormous. In the case of this element, by beaming enough X-ray at a right frequency, the hafnium would be free all of its stored energy to be released very quickly in a "burst".

Of course, just how to make it burst was what the DDA was working on, but it'll be figured out, for Canada didn't spend billions on research for nothing.

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Biotech Corp.

There once was a saying by a certain bulldog: "We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium."

Some people, especially city folk, love eating meat, but are incredibly squeamish about where it comes from. They want their bacon and chops and steaks, but they don't want to be reminded of nasty things like abattoirs and what goes on behind the butcher's counter. Serve them sausages by all means, but don't use this as a springboard for a lively conversation about what's inside those plump, sizzling skins. Meat comes from the supermarket in neat plastic-wrapped packages and let's leave it at that.

Other people are less sentimental about what their mixed grill would be doing if it wasn't playing the part of breakfast, but they regard all this livestock rearing and slaughtering as infuriatingly inefficient, dirty, and not at all in keeping with a bright technocratic age. Wouldn't it be better if we could just have the drumstick and not have the chicken?

And that was what Takayama Kouki was trying to do.


Takayama Kouki

She had managed to get blood vessels, connective tissue, fat, all the works, into the meat as it was growing, meaning that growing a juicy steak meat was not far away. The best thing was that artificially grown meat could be tailored to be far healthier than any type of farm-grown meat. It's possible to stuff if full of heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, adjust the protein or texture to suit individual taste preferences and screen it for food-borne diseases.

It was time for a brave new world now, a world where there would be no need for industrial farming to get all the meat. Less energy used, less grained consumed, less pollution given out. It was a perfect dream.


The beginnings of a new era

Kouki noticed the time.

"Oh yeah, I need to get to class."

Putting on a jacket, she hurried out of the lab.

OOC: The quote is by Winston Churchill, in the March 1932 edition of Popular Mechanics.

Here are the related articles about test tube meat:



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