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Azerbaijan General Elections, March 2009

Agostinho Neto

Azerbaijan General Elections, March 2009  

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Azerbaijan's military chief has resigned from the junta formed one week ago to overthrow President Ilham Aliyev and Ali Kerimli's Government. General Husein Khan Turgut said he was asking the armed forces to back the return of President Ilham Aliyev as head of the new Socialist State in Azerbaijan, officially the "Azerbaijani Socialist Republic". "As a member of the armed forces I swore to respect the constitution of the Azerbaijani Socialist Republic and uphold the country's laws. I have declined my position as a member of the government junta, and call for the elections of the next Chairman of the newborn Communist Party of the Azerbaijani Republic."

The general, who until now had been Head of State and Head of Government, said he had decided to leave the junta after discussions with the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, now reformed into the "People's Assembly of the Azerbaijani Republic". The remaining eleven junta members, have not made their views known, but their military and executive powers are de jure revoked. Mr Turgut had earlier left the presidential palace after announcing he would not bow to demands for his resignation. He was last reported to have taken refuge at a military base with his closest councilmen.


Flag of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan

The country is now to be considered a Socialist State, a single-party Republic, who's Head of Government (the Chairman of the Communist Party of the Azerbaijani Republic), is democratically elected by the people for a 6 months term.

Muhammetnazar Gurbanow


Muhammetnazar Gurbanow was born on June 21, 1943, in the City of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. He graduated from Baku's State University in 1969 majoring in Political Science and Economics, and studied as a part-time postgraduate at the Baku's Academy of Social Sciences in 1975.

Since 2008, he had served as a senior official of the National Assembly of the Armenian Autonomous Republic in charge of state development, humanitarian and social issues. He participated in the creation of the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party. Playing an active part in the Government of the Nakichevan Autonomous Republic, he was appointed Minister of Emergency Situation. He managed to enact major security measures aimed at the containment of the radioactive rain fallen on Azerbaiajn following the holocaust in Western Europe. He is considered the Party's Hardliner.

Heydar Aliyev


Heydar Aliyev was born on May 10, 1937 in Baku. He is married and has a son, Ilham Aliyev, President of the Azerbaijani Republic. He graduated from the economics department of the Leningrad State University with a Candidate of Sciences Degree (Economics) in 1963. He had been leader of the New Azerbaijan Party since November 25, 2008, and received 10% of votes in Azerbaijani General Elections 2008.

Heydar Aliyev, is generally not considered a leading candidate despite the fact that he has long been considered a member of the president’s inner circle. Currently a member of the Communist Party of the Azerbaijani Republic, Heydar Aliyev’s primary career has been that of Leader of the New Azerbaijan Party. The bulk of his political experience at the national level has been the partecipation in Azerbaijan General Election 2008, when he received 10% of votes. Despite his lack of mention as a possible Party's Chairman and Head of Government, Heydar Aliyev nevertheless is the moderate candidate.


The Party's program can be found here

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The UK, while still favoring the former incumbent, Ilham Aliyev, puts its support behind Heydar Aliyev. That, and we shall come to recognize the 'Azerbaijani Socialist Republic' in time -- and plans are now underway into lifting the embargo.


Approximately 50,000 soldiers at the UK-Azerbaijan border were steadily demobilized, reducing the number of troops to approximately 80,000. Similiarly, the number of border troops were reduced as the 'shoot-to-kill' orders, issued only a few days earlier, were rescinded. However, until after the elections was over and a new, legitimate Government established, the embargo will remain, if not de-facto, then de-jure.

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In squares and bars, on the street and in popular homes, Azeris celebrated in anticipation of a longed-for victory by Heydar Aliyev in the Communist Party's Chairman race. More than 70 per cent of Azeris voted for Aliyev as Chairman of the Communist Party of the Azerbaijani Republic, who would be the first democratically elected party leader in Azerbaijan's history.

Many looked to early exit poll returns in the evening to buoy their hopes for a Moderate win. Thousands of people watched a giant screen in Baku's central square. Around 2,000 people also watched a big screen set up in Yerevan and Nakichevan City.

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Heydar Aliyev, Ali Kerimli's hand-picked successor, won a landslide victory in Azerbaijan's Party's Chairman polls, results showed today, as critics charged the vote was rigged. Heydar Aliyev won 72.22 percent of the vote based on results from 100 percent of the country's polling stations, the election commission said.

As results rolled in, President Ilham Aliyev and his father, Heydar Aliyev, celebrated at a disco concert in Baku in scenes broadcast repeatedly on national television. "Together we can continue the course set by our founders.... Together we'll go further. Together we'll win!" Heydar Aliyev told a crowd of supporters infront of the stage. Heydar, also offered assurances that he would be his own man, including in foreign policy. He said there were no plans to change the president and the prime minister's powers, while "foreign policy, according to the constitution, is determined by the president."

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