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Nuclear weapons adjustment

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Right now, in TE, nuclear weapons are far too powerful, as a single hit can and will in some cases remove 20-30% of your infra and tech. Since TE is a warlike game I propose a reduction in both nuke cost, nuke requirements, and nuke damage to better fit the style of the game.

Nuclear weapons:

Cost: $50,000, 100,000 without uranium. Can purchase 1 per day per 500 infra + 1 nuke at 0 infra.

Damage: 15% or up to 15 tech, 15 land and 15 infrastructure plus techbonus. Destroys 33% of all tanks, planes, cruise missles and naval vessels, up to a limit of 10 each of planes and cms and 100 tanks. Kills 50% of all enemy defending sodiers. Also causes 1 day of nuclear anarchy and a -5 happiness penelty for 1 day. Limit one attack per defending nation per day.


MP wonder, which would have a special sliding cost of: (Purchasers Average Daily Tax collections x 5) + $10,000 per day of round, and a 1/5 tech/infra ratio (10 tech per 50 infra). Average daily tax collections would be your total collections of the round divided by your nation age. This would include the startup funds to prevent the first day exploit of 10,000 cost. This would make it equally hard for all nations to obtain nukes.

A uranium trade would not be required, however uranium would have a new bonus effect, INSTEAD of the income bonus:

Uranium: Decreases infrastructure upkeep by 3%. Increases the damage inflicted by nuclear weapons by 33%, or up to 20% or 20 infra, 20 tech, and 20 land plus twice the techbonus. Also increases defending soldier casualties from 50% to 75%, and all other casualties from 25% to 33%, or up to 15 planes, 15 cm's and/or 150 tanks.

This would make nuclear weapons much more useful, especially to fight off tech raiders and balance the game away from the top 5% nations. Essentially smart new nations will be able to defend themselver, at the cost of economic growth.

All properties of nuclear weapons that I have not mentioned are intended to remain constant.

*Note, if this is accepted I will likely make tweaks based on feedback.

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The idea is in TE everyone should be able to get nukes, even raided to near ZI nations. And a percentage requirement would defeat th epurpose of increasing nuke accessability, imho.

Thats the whole reason why people actually play this game (me included) to get a shot at the Nukes....

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