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Vaule celebrates Independence

Imperator Azenquor

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Vaule celebrates independence

Today Vaule celebrated the 119th year since the restoration of national sovereignty, and the 20th year of independence from the Soviet Union. The occasion was marked with a large military parade and a mass gymnastic performance at Vaule’s Revolution Stadium. Further celebrations are planned for tonight, including a lavish party at the Presidential palace.

The military parade through Revolution Square was watched by a large crowd of spectators, including the President, Prime Minister and the Imperatrix who watched from the balcony of the Presidential palace. For the first time since 1990, the military parade included Vaule’s ballistic and nuclear missile arsenals, as well as a ceremony to honor Vaule’s Soviet veterans.

Under the Ban on Communism Act, instituted in early 1991, references to Communism, as well as to Soviet Vaulian veterans were strictly forbidden. The act was repealed by President Rokossovsky just before the last election.



-Vaule Air Force


-Vaule Navy



-Vaule Army

Later today, Prime Minister Ivanov will be presenting the National Honors at the Imperial Palace. A number of Vaulian Soviet veterans will be receiving the Order of the Lion for their service to the nation of Vaule.

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The Hanseatic Republic congratulates Value on this glorious achievement of their national pride. It is good to see a country so strong continue to hold a great place on the world stage. We hope that Vaule will continue being a righteous influence to the states around them.

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