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Tennessee Troubles


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A speech from the president:

People of Tennessee! A new age is coming! The days of anarchy are over! Our people are strong! All they need is order. We must look unto ourselves, and unto our neighbors. We will be stronger than before. My resolve is strong. I have urged bills into the hands of congress. I am confident they will all make it through. This nation needs the helping hand of your government. We used to not be here for you. Now we are! I understand discontent is rattling Tennessee! Relax my good people. Bright days are before us. The nation will be reordered to secure the rights of the people: life! Liberty! And the pursuit of happiness which has been hampered by our previous state.

Our foreign policy... well it focuses on you. No random obscurities on the other side of the planet. Only those of our nation and our neighbors shall be of concern!

Our military is weak. We can hardly deal with rebels within our borders. Our previous government did not care about you! We lost Ohio and we are certainly losing Missouri. This shall not continue! The integrity of this nation MUST be preserved!

An educated population is necessary for our society to flourish! The education system will be adapted by the state and certain standards must be met to ensure our society will be one to stand the test of time!

Banking systems and main utilities will see the hand of this nation! We will no longer allow dishonesty and the plaguing of our money and society!


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The troubles in the capital city still run rampant. Discontent is spreading order is being lost. The President's words offer some help, but the fires are too hot to put out immediately. General Ostheim is on his way to the capital to restore order and impose Magnimer's will.

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We have deployed our military to stabilize your nation. Aid packages will be sent.



From GLS government to Tennessee Federation:

$50 billion have been wired to your nation. Please use the money wisely.

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The military, along with any and all aid, is proving highly effective in stabilizing the Capital city of Nashville. The new presidents views and very forward looking ideas are appealing to the people and soothing to the national discontent. Forces are being dispersed to help restore peace and order throughout the nation.

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