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looking for a good alliance


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Perhaps join TYR then?

We look for new players who are interested in learning about the game. TYR has experienced players who are available to answer your every question, and there are detailed guides available to help you build your nation efficiently. Not to mention there are programs that will keep track of your nation and make sure you are doing well. We also participate in tech deals with our protector (the CSN), which brings a lot of money to our younger nations... and we have a trade circle program called The Secksie Nation Project to help our members find long-term trades that they desire.

If you have any questions, you could ask me... via PM or IRC (#TYR - ask for Lanna!).

If you're interested and want to fill out an application, register on our forum at: http://z13.invisionfree.com/TYR

Wherever you decide to go, good luck and have fun!

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i want to work with the best alliance and grow my nation as fast as possable.


I am the DMoIA, and I can assure you right now we are more commited to small nation growth more than anything else. I am under 2 months old, and yet look at my nation. We are good at this, and I will PERSONALLY help you get big.


Please consider.

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I would like to invite you to check out our Military Alliance of Elite Warriors ... GRAN has a long and rich history in winning wars. We do not show fear and we never back down. Unity, Strength, and Loyalty is the Values we live by. Peace through Superior Firepower is our motto.

Sign up on Our forums: http://gran.ipbfree.com


And what are the advantages for joining GRAN:

-PROTECTION from tech raids...

-Opportunity for doing tech deals and participating in trade circles

-GOOD COMMUNITY, who helps you if you need help...

-GUIDES and personal on how to dominate economically and learn to Master the art of Cyber nations warfare......

-Government positions open for qualified active members...

-Black team alliance...negotiable in some cases...

-We have over 200+ nukes and strive to make all our nations Nuclear capable...

Hope to see you there...

stonewall14 of Dixie Cove

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Another Alliance is the best place for you. Our alliance once grew to over 800K in just a few weeks, if our alliance can grow that quickly, then you can too. We are multi-colour, so you don't have to worry about changing your colour or find a new trade circle. We do have lots of LULZ and would like you to join in. If you are interested, please go to our forums here: http://forum.anotheralliance.com/index.php

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