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Where to next?


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This is My Nation

I have a few questions as to where I should go next.

Currently I'm at 4k infra, and 50 tech.

My bills : $2,137,034.90

Collection : $3,699,519.56

-Should I save up and buy 1,000 more infra before I start looking to buy tech on my own nation / tech deals?

-Should I start buying tech on my own nation, and start doing tech deals now?

-Should I have Guerrilla Camps, and improvement swap, or is it too early?

-When's the prime time to start buying wonders (Stock Market)

Thanks for helping, feel free to leave any other comments or suggestions.

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Well, anytime between 4k and 5k infra is an acceptable time to start buying tech, but once you start buying tech, then you shouldn't stop.

If you have Universities (which you should at your infra), then you should be able to buy up to 250-300 tech by yourself and then get the rest from tech deals.

Are you Labor Camp swapping? You should have already been doing that if you haven't already (judging by your bills you haven't been). As to Barracks / GC's, it depends if you want to sacrifice a few dollars for added security.

You should buy your first wonder before the 4k infra jump. So SM is the next thing you should be buying.

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