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Awful Event... Any Suggestions?

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Two leading parties in your government, one side focusing on social unity and the other side focusing on economic development, are feuding with one another. They are calling on you to publicly endorse one side or the other in order to resolve this dispute.

Option 1: Side with the social unity party. Economic growth is not a core focus at this time. Lose access to government supplied infrastructure purchase cost reduction.

Option 2: Side with the economic growth party. Social unity is not a core focus at this time. Lose access to government supplied population happiness.

No Response: Population happiness -5.

Does anyone have an idea how much I would lose with Options 1 and 2? I know that -5 Happiness = $10 Income before bonuses. Can anyone offer some insight?

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Well you currently have a Monarchy Govt, so with Option 1 you'll lose the -5% infra saving Monarchy will give you, or Option 2 will lose the +1 happiness...

If you don't plan on buying infra for a while, I guess go with Option 1, otherwise over the course of 30days 5% infra saving would probably equate to more than -1 happiness (Option 2).

If your ppl want something other than Monarchy which also would save you 5% on infra, I'd change to that and choose Option 2.

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