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Finishing up the Job


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OOC: Check my factobook in my sig (click on mounlantia), and at the bottom you'll see some of the changes I've made (like the look). I've also updated the miltiary section with the new entrys (expect the Hot Shower).

IC: The War Continues...

Even with the help of the Dragons, and the Nobodys, the north push was hard. The revised steam tanks, though few in number, led the Mounlantian forces to many minor victories. But, even with the victories, the supreme firepower, and now an alliance with the Victorians, it would be a hard victory. Especially to get to Willams Lake in time (as they have revolted).

After seeing the airbourne arsenal deplyed by Mounlantia, the Kamloopsians set forth to finds ways of killing it. By Artures standerd, machine-guns just didn't do as good as a explosion (for anti-infantry and vehicles), but now its uses for airbourne warfare were being realized. Now they have devised the Hot Shower anti-aircraft mobile weapon, and are sending them to the front as fast as they can. They have cannons on either side.



Meanwhile, in Mountlantia, a new aircraft, inspired by the strange new aircraft they have encountered, had finished development & was entering the factories. The first, non-prototype LacBomba came out of its hanger, ready for battle! It is made for landing in water, but can also land on land as well! It is a high-altitude bomber.



A plan, quite basic but still a plan, was developed to take Kamloops after more bombers were finished. The main forces would follow the road, pushing to the edges of the city and surrounding it. Aircraft would bombard the city day n' night, and a smaller force would cut off the north (including the Victorians).


Doted lines stande for the different states; the mountains do not counted as a state. Yellow is Vitorian troop movments, Red is for Mountlantian Troop movemetns, and Blue for air raids.

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OOC: Ug, jsut going to get this done and over with. :P ALso, could someone Pm me on why Rubidum isn't used for weapons (PM please). Just wana know why it isn't used. /OOC

Day: 67. The Kamloops Push.

The mounlantians moved forward once more. Fielding powerful tanks, Rubidium-bomb-armed aircraft, and the deadly Steam Flyer Mountalntia was rolling over all enemy resistance. The Dragon's constant bombing runs braved the upside-down hail storm above Kamloops. By now, they had turned to gas to turn the tide; yet was found useless to the Mounlantian gas masks.

The Road Front, BBC-05 Apocalypse Searcher 0045. Mastergeyn, Smyth.

Smyth covered his wounds in curatio sero. He got up, and shot a kam (short for kamloopsian) in the face. Just a half second past and he was aiming at the next kam, pulling a gernade launcher out while speeding up for the next piece of cover. His was about to go boom from enemy fire. Moments later, it did & killed a cowering Mounantian Trooper. He popped his gernade launcher, sending the gernade into a panicing group of Kam's. Smyth then dropped the Boomer and grapped another one while ducking for his next cover. A sniper rifle cracked and took part of his gas mask, but not too much damage was done.

A silence came up for several seconds, then the sounds of war came back. A (luckly) friendly tank smashed what remained of a house, firing its cannon in the proccess. What remained of the Kam's sped off running, retreatign once more. Smyth's rifle cracked a final time, making his campaign kill count 195. Not only that, it was his birthday today, aged at 103 (*Artures age around 200 years old, so he is in his early 50's). Cake would be served tonight.

For Smyth was Mounlantia's protector, the Battlefield King who knew combat and succesful leadership more than any other for 300 years.

OOC: Factbook updated.

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