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Grand Master's Monthly Report, January 2009

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A message from the Office of Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons.

My Dearest Brethren, Distinguished Rulers and Cowans,

As the month of February draws to a close and with it the fifth term of Council, I report to you for the last time as Grand Master of the Lodge.

Internal Works

The subject at the forefront this month was that of activity, or lack of it, and how that subject should be tackled. The end result was Lodge Law 05-01 or the Degree Activity Act that provides a clear guide as to how a Brother should be made answerable to the obligation they took when seeking admission to the Lodge and how they should be dealt with should that obligation be evaded.

The founding members of the Lodge, myself included, decided very early on that the quality of our membership should outweigh the quantity. Although it looks good on paper to have several hundred members and a sanction, it is useless to us if only half of those members don’t bother to check in to take their proficiency tests, partake in charter revision or policy debates, vote in government elections, nominate for trade rings and tech deals and generally keep up to date with alliance affairs.

On the subject of membership, we peaked at 144 nations in the early part of the month but dropped off sharply in the last week to 133. Most of this is due to inactivity but some is a direct result of the new activity law. For the first time since September we’ve ended the month with fewer members than with which we started but it for the better that we take this step back in order to take a bigger one forward. In total we had 16 new members and 25 deletions/resignations.


Foreign Affairs

Our treaty portfolio was strengthened somewhat this month with the admittance of 1 Touch Football into AZTEC. 1TF have proven to be a stand up alliance as Phil Collins will no doubt testify and they should make worthy allies and seem to have good leadership.

Order of the Red Cross

It was a busy month in terms of conflicts being reported. We’ve had several raids on some of our younger nations but they have been sorted out with little or know fuss for the most part.

The biggest issue we had was a declaration on a member of IRON. That too seems to be under control thanks to the swift actions of our Templar staff and it appears to be a nation hacking incident. A timely reminder to you all to change your passwords occasionally to ensure someone can’t access your nation or other accounts. It’s not the first time it’s happened and it probably won’t be the last.

State of the Masons

From a retiring Grand Master’s point of view, I’m extremely happy with the state of the Lodge as I leave office. We are displaying good growth, albeit slow, the activity levels are getting better with the introduction of the new law, our allies are steady and reliable and government looks promising for the near future.

I personally have no concerns by vacating the chair and I am excited to see what new ideas come forth with a revitalized Council. The changing of the guard at Nueva Vida for example has only strengthened their alliance and I honestly believe it will do so here.


Just the one 12 month long service medal this month so well done to Prepenseloop.

12Mths.png For achieving 12 months Masonic service:


Three more members join the 6 month club.

6Mths.png For achieving 6 months Masonic service:

irremedialconcern, MDH962, and SinJet.

Quite a few 3 monthers this month so good on them for being long term members of the Lodge.

3Mths.png For achieving 3 months Masonic service:

Ericky the Hedgehog, bobomonkey, Alpha Furyan, Isreal5326, Prime Minister McBob, Jonathan Bolton, Treborprime, Lawrence Redd, Ephor, Dreed, Lord Aion, quatzalcoatl, Wurtnik and Force21.

And with that, my final report to you is complete. Now that the time has come, I have no poignant sentiment. Nothing stirring comes to my mind and I find it difficult to put into words how proud I am of what we have become as The Grand Lodge of Freemasons. I wish the new Council luck and I trust they will guide us through a new era of the Lodge. Make me proud Brothers.

Forever yours in Brotherhood,


Grand Master GM.gif (one last time)

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