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Establishment of the first W.A.K.E. Station

Sargun II

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Establishment of W.A.K.E.


Western Aeronautics and Kiloau Eterna research stations have been completed throughout the world. From Antarctica to the Mediterranean, the Pacific to Africa, the Americas to Asia, the W.A.K.E. stations are there to study not only space, but our position in it and everything about us. Kiloau Eterna is what our ancestors used to call "outer space", and it is only fitting that our own international space program is to be named Kiloau Eterna.


The Equatorial Star

We will not kid ourselves and pretend that we are a grand program and the best in the world - however, it is our pleasure to announce that the Equatorial Star (ooc: the space elevator and connecting station) is now open for scientific-only use by any nation in the world. The W.A.K.E. Headquarters will be positioned in the space station connected to the elevator, and all experiments can be done in the station.


The Equatorial Star

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

ooc: got a space program wonder because admin told me to

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OOC: Sorry Lynneth :awesome:

IC: W.A.K.E. Research is now publicly listing all of their locations.


Headquarters - Equatorial Star Space Station

Africa 1 - Equatorial Star Space Elevator

Under Construction

Pacific 1 - Palau

Antarctica 1 - Western Republic Protectorate Land

Mediterranean - Sicily

North America 1 - Terra Firma (Protectorate)

North America 2 - SkyCity

North America 3 - Western Canada

Asia 1 - Korea*

Europe 1 - Norsvea*

*Both of these come with special packages of aid and supplies from the Western Republic in order to help rebuild both nations.

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