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Declaration of Friendship


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We the people of Cor Aut Mors wish to be friendly with all other alliances, because without friendship there can be no education which is the key to success and prosperity, that is what Nemo nisi per amicitiam cognoscitur means: No one learns except by friendship. That being said we have collaborated on a declaration, which states friendship to all alliances and individuals on Bob/Digiterra. This is implied as a one way agreement to all other alliances, however, you may add or remove your friendship with Cor Aut Mors at any time.

The Signatories of this Declaration recognize these Principles and Values and agree to the following conventions:

Section 1: Military

a. All alliances are free to continue their day to day military operations at will, and Cor Aut Mors will not be involved unless by additional treaty or direct action against Cor Aut Mors.

b. The said friendship does not imply any type of military assistance, military aid, or otherwise helping or hurting anyone in any situation that has an escalation.

c. Cor Aut Mor agrees to not go to war with anyone without attempting all possible diplomatic routes, and asks that the same courtesy is given to them.

d. Cor Aut Mors does remain open to assist with diplomatic relations and mediation.

e. We will not spy on any alliance, and will not accept information gained through "Less Legal" actions.

Section 2: Relations

a. Cor Aut Mors will uphold a friendly atmosphere with all other alliances, if there is a problem we will work it out, instead of complaining behind your back.

b. You are free to run your alliance as you please and Cor Aut Mors respects that, we LOVE diversity, and hope that we can learn from what works for you and your alliance to help make ours even better.

c. We like all alliances and blocs, we just have closer bonds with some... that being said Cor Aut Mors is still free to engage itself in advanced treaties further than friendship, and that does not negate our friendship with other alliances.

d. Cor Aut Mors reserves the right to speak our mind, in a respectable way, regarding current affairs, and that does not mean that we negate this treaty... we still like you.

e. The government of signatories must act in a civil manor towards Cor Aut Mors, though cannot be held accountable for its members actions, must keep up a certain level of respect.

Section 3 - Trade and Development

a. Cor Aut Mors nations are free to trade and aid with any nation they choose.

b. Signatories are encouraged, but not required, to take part in tech deals with us through #TechDeals and http://www.cntechdeals.com, the exclusive location for Cor Aut Mors tech deals.

c. Cor Aut Mors will not use trade sanctions against any Cor Aut Mors nation unless it is in response to a direct hostile action.

Section 4 - Violations

a. Any signatory found in violation of any of these convention shall be subject to punishment in the form of reparations. The amount of the reparations shall be commensurate with the harm caused.

b. Any Cor Aut Mors nation found in violation of these conventions will be subject to additional punishment as provided for in Cor Aut Mors Laws.

Section 5: Cancellation

a. If you do not feel that we are upholding our friendship to you, we encourage you to cancel our agreement as to let us know we are messing up somewhere.

b. Please come talk to us before canceling friendship, we will try to make it right.

c. Cancellation of friendship is immediate, there is no wait period, however, you can revoke your cancellation and we will pretend it didn't happen.

Signatories include

Colonial Independence Association

Pacifism, President

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So this is like an open NAP to everyone?

It is more of an open friendship pact, though with friendship typically comes non-aggression.

edit: we only ask if there IS aggression that we have tried to solve our conflicts diplomatically first.

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Please be reminded of the following clause of the Protectorate Treaty between TFD and CAM:-

Chapter V - Aggression and Foreign Affairs:

Cor Aut Mors agrees to alert The Foreign Division if they have decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance within 48 hours of doing so. Cor Aut Mors will never declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with The Foreign Division leadership.

For the duration of this treaty Cor Aut Mors will abstain from the practice known as Tech Raiding as well as from performing individual aggressive wars. Cor Aut Mors will also not engage in espionage operations against any alliance.

Cor Aut Mors will also contact The Foreign Division before signing any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with them. Cor Aut Mors will also inform The Foreign Division should they face any Foreign Affairs incident.

I am quite sure we will have to discuss this and any further treaty partners first, Coltra before you go around announcing the treaty. Of course you informed us, but certainly we need time to think over your proposal.

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^ uh oh... some one got in troouuubbbbllleee...


anyway goodluck, although i don't see much point to this treaty as non aggression, and mutual diplomacy in situations is... usually... understood without a treaty now a days

just a slight off hand comment, somewhat of an observation. if they informed you and discussed it, isn't that all that clause in your protecturate requests.. not that actually decision in to make the above treaty?

just a question

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