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The Harmfully Global Pact

Article 1: Peace

The Global Democratic Alliance and the Mostly Harmful Alliance are buddy-buddy and promise peace and friendship between the two alliances. Any member of either alliance caught attacking someone from the other will experience the gruesome displeasure of being made into hamburger patties.

Article 2: Defense

If Global Democratic Alliance is attacked, Mostly Harmful Alliance will come and cause the explosive destruction of the enemy. If Mostly Harmful Alliance is attacked, Global Democratic Alliance will attack the enemy and mount their heads on our wall.

Article 3: Aggression

When one of us declares war, the other will too, so that we may all have fun watching the enemy go kaboom. We will cooperate on offensive wars.

Article 4: Cancellation

Both Alliances have the right to cancel this treaty. The treaty will remain in effect until 72 hours after the cancellation

Signed for Mostly Harmful Alliance

Thaisport, Executive Director

Supremacy, Foreign Relations Director

Signed for Global Democratic Alliance

WartotheDeath, Leader of GDA

Sippyjuice, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Static, Minister of Defense

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o/ both our friends!

A few treaties are OK, if that's what they want to do.

Just so it doesn't get so complicated that everybody is related to everybody else.

TE is about the fights - that king of the hill deal end of round 3 was great.

2 or 3 alliances should be able to challenge each other, slug it out, and walk away friends,

or at least respect each other.

We won't be tying ourselves up in treaty knots this round. We support a few smaller friends,

and we look for interesting fights.

My 2 cents on treaties.....

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MHA doesn't plan on creating large treaty webs this round. You're absolutely right when you say TE is about the fighting and yes last round did get a little out of hand. If alliances like..let's say TPF [who had over 20 treaties] could limit it this round, that would be great. Treaties should only be for alliances you want a close pact with not just anyone you think is 'nice'. When someone tries to curbstomp you, you should be able to look to about 3 or 4 allies to back you up. But that's where it ends. 4 allies should be the maximum. Bloc wars are always nice and 1v1's are always welcome but when you have over 5 alliances staying neutral in a war because they're all treatied to both sides you know that it's reached CN:s level.

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o/ MHA

o/ GDA

o/ FV for helping people understand that a super treaty web is NOT MHA's goals. We are looking for only 4-5 treaties max. This does not mean we can't develop good relations with other alliances. (This is why she's my PR Director and a Board Member :) )

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