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I'm looking for an alliance.


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Well I am the leader of HALO, I would love to get you money started. Our forums have plenty of key guides that will make you successful in cybernations :)

If your interested change your alliance affiliation to HALO.

Come and register on our forums at: http://z8.invisionfree.com/CN_HALO/index.php?

Then ill teach you whatever you want :)

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UNS. United national States can give you help with starting up. We have an excellent community that always wants to help other new players. We are small, yes but with more members joing that will soon change. Once you've arrived and got to know some of the game we can give you one of our many gov positions so you can make decisions for yourself and us. We can give war training, squadron activity weeks and Officer Training. We have members who can organise trades, tech deals and more for you. Tech Deals are a great way of getting some profit to grow your nation quickly rather than relying on someone else to provide you with Aid 24/7.

All we ask is:

You Change your alliance to UNS

You Register on cnunitednational.freeforums.org (so we can organise things more easily and quickly)


You stay active in game and post four times a month on our forums. (that's va very small time you have to be on for)

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you inside

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Join Allied Rebel Nations!

We offer:

1. Protection from Tech Raiders

2. Allow you to Tech Raid

3. We can get you a PERFECT trade circle

4. We have very nice very loyal friends

5. We can get you money

6. We have government positions open

7. We got fun games and great music

Join today at:


Or just ask me any questions!

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This is my first time playing Cyber Nations and I'm pretty confused. I just need a nice alliance that can teach me about the game and get me started on building my nation. I don't require any start up money but it would be nice.

Hey Odintc. I'm glad to see you don't get swayed by the first offer of 3mil start up aid like 90% of new CNers :P You seem to be a bit above the average nation, which I really like.

I'd like to invite you to join the United Commonwealth of Nations. We're a group of just under 100 members, around 1.4mil total NS. We're looking for active members, ones who want to learn and help the alliance help them, as you say you do, and not just sit in the AA doing nothing.

We have an excellent Education program designed for new nations such as yourself, it'll teach you the basics behind the game. We do offer a sign-up bonus of 1mil but our main form of aid to new nations is tech deals, in which you make about 1.2mil with each deal. For really active members who've graduated our Education program, we have a Bank Program which will aid you 9 million every 10 days until you've surpassed 4k infrastructure.

For more information, you can visit our wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/United_...alth_of_Nations

If you'd like to join, put "UCN Applicant" as your AA, sign up for our forums and post an application: http://s7.zetaboards.com/TheCommonwealth/index/

I can get you started with advice right away if you join us on IRC: http://s7.zetaboards.com/TheCommonwealth/pages/javairc/

Just follow that link, tell us who you are and I'll be around to help you out.

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We have over 10 different guides to help you :)

Welcome fellow player,

I am the member of an alliance called HALO, we are a brand new black sphere alliance who would like to ask you to join us. I would like you to join HALO and help us grow and prosper, in return we offer you protection from Tech raiders and rogues and we offer you friendship and aid to help you grow and become superior in the game. We aid new member’s 1,000,000-3,000,000 each who join HALO. Our Alliance is new, therefore you can get a leadership position and your ideas will help shape the alliance.

Our Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/CN_HALO

You need to go there and register and post an application to join our alliance.



You dont have to be black but you have choices, thats all the matters choices. :)

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Watch the vid, swing by if your interested, I can offer you plenty of aid, but I wont just send it to you, you'll have to request it.

We're an experienced bunch, loyal, honest, respectful, and we can teach you a lot.

Hail the confederacy!

Hail Yukonia!

Onward to the glorious future!


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But i was talking to bomberboy

And ARN is stronger, faster, better, smarter, more protected, friendlier, and has better music! Than USN

But HALO is cool!

Well its up to Odintc now!

Hope he goes with ARN!

But best of luck to everyone else!

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This is the wrong approach, all of you, let him choose the alliance that fits him. Shame on you all for bragging to one another about strength. An alliance should not be chosen based on aid, strength, or on the basis of what the alliance can offer the prospective member.

I wont claim that these aren't factors, nor will I deny that the VE is 10 times our strength, but for the best experience in an alliance, go to the place that seems to fit your values and you in general.

We can offer aid, we can offer protection (we're protected by IRON) but that's not important, whats important is that you feel welcomed by the community your thinking about joining, not pressured to join, not bribed with ridiculous sums, but given a chance to explore the options available and make the wisest choice for you personally.

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