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An odd idea...

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War slot filling....Blah :P

Thought I'd comment on that. Any ways. The odd idea is this...

Alliances carry over from round-to-round. Many times folks will ally with the same peeps. How about this. If you have allied with an alliance this round; you cannot ally with them in the next round. :D

For example: Lets say that RD is allied with UW this round (which we are)....but, on reset, this next round...we cannot be. We work through this next round....and it ends. Since RD did not ally with UW this next round; we now can (if we and they wish to do so).

It'd be an honor system thing and such...


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I think that Tournament Edition won't see the stagnation that Classic has. For one, every alliance wants to be on top, and has the potential to do so with every new round. Additionally, even if one alliance ends up having far more people then the others, the collective can still drop them to their knees because everyone starts out relatively equal (Trades excepted).

As long as everyone keeps a competitive mindset, and tries to keep their own alliance on top, I think it'll stay interesting, particularly as rivalries develop and the like.

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