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Jakarta Space Center

Today, after months of construction, the first series of military grade satellites have been launched into space through Tanis' Space Program. The military has disclosed that the satellites are just simple communication satellites. (Classified: There really spy sats) This is a big step for the space program here today.




ignition... we have lift off



Merdica, Tanis

The Tanisian economy is suffering due to the nuclear warfare that has engulfed much of Europe, Asia, and North America. The agriculture industry was decimated as acid rain and dead crops prevailed over much of Tanis. National unemployment levels rose steadily to 7% nationally today.

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Tanisian Governing and Law Enforcement Bodies Arrive in Singapore

The first flight of arrivals in Singapore from Tanis after the Singapore War was the arrival of the day to day governance staff handpicked in Tanis as well as some in Singapore to govern the transition of law, medical, economic, business handling of Singapore. Along with them were law enforcement officials from the national level to help set up domestic investigation bureau. The new governor of Singapore was going to be empowered to form his cabinet, officials, and local police structure.

The arrive of new Tanisian governance was viewed with mixed feelings by many Singaporeans, some protesters chanted, "Down, Down with Imperialistic Warmongers!" and "Tanis = UFE haters!" Even with that, there were supporters present. So only time will actually tell if this was truly a good idea.

Meanwhile the Philippians Freestate will continue to have their peacekeeping force detactment in Singapore until Tanis forms a plan on the peaceful transistion of their armed forces in the newly acquired area.


Boeing 777 landing in Singapore carrying the new governing body for Singapore

Commerical Airliner Crashed near Banda Aceh, All on Board Feared Dead

Today, a Tanisian Airliner bound for Banda Aceh crashed several miles away from the airport on approach. The plane was indentified as a Airbus A320 that has crashed into the woods. Witnesses reported that they heard a usually loud aircraft before the crash. Tanisian Aircraft Safety Investigators has issued very few statements as the investigation is still pending. The airliner has reported that nearly 300 people were on board at the time.


A320 surrounded by emergency response teams near Banda Aceh

High-Speed Rail Construction Broke Ground

The Sumatran Railway Corporation broke ground today on the first of many public-private funding railway construction in Tanis. The estimated $2.3 billion high speed rail link between Southern Sumatra to Merdica to Banda Aech is to be a key cornerstone of the transportation infrastructure network of Tanis. The government is investing funding for about 60% of the project. A SRC spokeperson reported that the construction would take about 5-8 years to complete the project.


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Tanisian Navy Launches Several New Ships to Fleet

Eariler today, Department of Navy Secretary, Rayi Mora, gave a brief ceremony on four new ships that were to join the expanding fleet of the Tanisian Navy. The formal gathering was there to see the Secretary give a speech and break the traditional wine bottle to christen the ships journey into service.

"This a grand day for the Tanisian Navy to expand it's blue water capabilities. A new era of regional sea power projection is now upon us."


TNS Judicator on trial runs in the Indian Ocean (Time and Location is Classified... taken several weeks ago)

The new ships are:

TNS Lowbalan - Battleship

TNS Judicator - Battleship

TNS Vich - Amphibious Assault Ship

TNS Dorkva - Amphibious Assault Ship

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--Private message to the govt of the republic of Tanis--

Despite the protests we fully intend to stick to the timetable to handover Singapore, our peacekeepers have already began handing over policing duties and will soon begin preparations for the final pull out from the city. Rest assured as your regional ally we remain totally supportive of your aims in regards to Singapore.

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Format Stock Market Opens in Jakarta

JAKARTA, TANIS - For the first time, the Jakarta Stock Exchange rung it's bell for the beginning of trading day. After three years of construction and planning, the prominent building is signifies the growing economic powerhouse that Jakarta has become. The Jakarta 400 Industrial (J&I 400) traded a mixed day on it's first day. Financials and manufacturing stocks took some hits as Tanisian investors plied the waters. However, the day ended well off the base volume of 3000 up to 62 points to 3062.


Frantic trading on first day


Jakarta Stock Exchange at night

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