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Dead, Dying, and The Soon to Be...

Sarah Tintagyl

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OOC: This is going to be a continuation of the Tears of Iron Thread, since really this is technically an entirely different story from the one mentioned in there. It starts right after the first confrontation between Anna and the Molakians in the nuked Hansa in Finland. Comrade, this can also include, Sarah and Chekov's story, so whatever information pertains to that, post here as well. Also this is the resistance attacking any occupiers in the region, so if you have troops in the country let me know and I'll include you, PM or IRC. Again, they are going to fail, so I'm not going to have two nations. Though depending on how it plays, the three other players may have more territory. In addition, the thread about Hok in Africa, is non-canon.

**Disclosed, Somewhere in Southern Neo-Franzharia**

Ten men sat around a metal table in silence. The metal lamp that hung above swayed back and forth as in one of those old movies that had cost around five Hansa marks to rent, it almost felt like the room was black and white and to be honest; except for the map of Southern Finland that laid on the table, it was.


The door on the right opened with a squeak and the men rose, inside hobbled Grigor Illaiyanich and an old man in a black cloak. He had a long wrinkled face, slightly balding with platinum gray hair, his eyes had a sharp piercing gaze, and there was still an indomitable, yet perhaps an evil strength that reverberated from his body. He was a crusader, a crusader against Republicanism, Monarchy, Communism, Socialism, he wanted absolute power and the men around him wanted to give it too him. In their minds, it had been far too long that they had lived under the weak "dictatorship" of the Franzharian "Servant-Girl" and it was time now, now that the Hansa was in chaos, now that Tintagyl had taken flight to Australia, it was now the time for Josef Hok to return to power.

"None of you stand when I enter the room?" He chuckled silently to himself, the men looked at each other nervously and came to a quick salute. Hok laughed and shook his head. "Oh, not now, you can't do it now. The mission just got a little harder now that's all and I'd rather see most of you die." He took a seat at the head of the table and looked at the map below him. "Gentlemen, as you know, we have been given the opportunity to strike. Most of the Hanseatic forces that opposed our movement in the past have fled to Australia to escape the nuclear fallout and the horrors of Europe, but this is just the kind of place that I want to see us build our future. On our homeland!" The men cheered. "However, we have a problem. At the moment, we do not control and real centers of influence and do not have the resources to oppose, Molakia, Franzharia, and Taeunas openly. Which is why we must act now."

Hok pointed down at the map. "Franzharia is weak from the previous civil war and their kind is a push-over. Now that Solidor is off with the whore, they have no leadership, no means to directly oppose us, therefore our campaign will begin in the north. This brings us to Taeunas. The Taeunasians are in "control" of a good portion of the southern country or at least they have provided support and clean up crews and have the loyalty of the population there."

"Then what of Molakia Boss?"

Hok smiled. "From what we know, Molakia's attitude towards the current Hanseatic government is less than amicable. Spies have reported that Tsar Romanov pulled a gun on the Prime Minister during the exodus and we should use this to our advantage. We may not be able to form an actual state at the moment, but we could coerce Molakia to take over these lands out right and then can be asked to rule the region with some degree of autonomy. Gentlemen, lets plan big here, why stop at ruling former Hanseatic territories when we can influence the governments of those around us by simply disappearing under the radar. Australia will come after that."

"I saw a downed Molakian copter down the road a few miles, we might take them for help." Said Grigor, still in the pain from the attack.

"No need, most of the towns around here are under our control, personnel there know to assist Molakians in anyway possible, we need to get them on our side. I've already sent a representative to talk with the Tsar and he should arrive in Kotka by nightfall. Hopefully after we begin our offensive, Molakia will join in and we will have the area under control within the week." Hok bowed his head down, his third gambit for power was hours from beginning.

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(OOC: Chekov and Sarah really should be in that other thread. But if you want post away about it. Just post where we are it in terms of situation there.)

Anna, Garrus, Roe and Williams all enter the local clinic. Garrus places Roe on an abandoned stretcher while Williams provides security with her sidearm. Anna places down the medical supplies near Roe and starts to change his bandages.

"Good thing Niko showed me how to treat gunshots....good man..."


Imperial Palace

Kotka, Molakia

Tsar Romanov finishes briefing the Senate on how to run the country while he is searching for Anna, when one of his cabinent members approachs.

"Sir, a man is here to see you. Says he is from Hansa. Would you like to speak with him?" The scrawny Rep says, sweating with fear.

Romanov loads his pistol and puts it in his belt. "Send him to my office. Tell him to be quick." he says, walking briskly to his office.

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Imperial Palace

Kotka, Molakia

Tsar Romanov finishes briefing the Senate on how to run the country while he is searching for Anna, when one of his cabinent members approachs.

"Sir, a man is here to see you. Says he is from Hansa. Would you like to speak with him?" The scrawny Rep says, sweating with fear.

Romanov loads his pistol and puts it in his belt. "Send him to my office. Tell him to be quick." he says, walking briskly to his office.

Mathias Cronberg sat on the leather chair looking at Romanov's desk with a smug smile on his face as the Tsar walked into the room. He rose and stuck out his hand in greeting. "Your Imperial Highness," He bowed. "Its a pleasure and an honor especially for you to take me in on such short notice. My name is Mathias Cronberg and I am part of the Hanseatic Liberation Front, I want to ask of your opinion on the land between Helsinki and Turku and what value it is to Molakia."

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Romanov ignores the hand and sits down, cracking open a bottle of Vodka. He begins to offer it to the man, but takes a large swig.

"The Value is of no concern to me. I want Hansa to burn for the rest of humanities days. I am seeking a person, not the land. Unless you have something to offer me, id wipe the smile off your face before i make you do so." Romanov says, smiling in his own fashion while sliding his weapon onto his lap.

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Cronberg waves the vodka away and pulls out a folder with a map inside. "My people are willing to serve you in anyway possible Your Majesty and if you are looking for this one person I'm sure that we could put enough effort in getting he or she back to you with all safety and haste. But we were hoping that if we would do such a thing that we might count on Molakia's support in governing the region, say semi-autonomously, we would much rather have Molakian rule than Franzharian, or Taeunasian overloads who are nothing but servants to the old regime."

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"HA! You kid me right? You want me to support a regime that rules a land I want burned. I have a better idea.."

Romanov pulls out the pistol and points it at the mans head.

"Get your voxing butt outta my office. I want to see your lands burn for all eternity. And I care not for your political struggles. Franz can take bake their lands. Our own forces are departing to find what I need. Anything else you want to add or say? Im a busy man you know."

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"HA! You kid me right? You want me to support a regime that rules a land I want burned. I have a better idea.."

Romanov pulls out the pistol and points it at the mans head.

"Get your voxing butt outta my office. I want to see your lands burn for all eternity. And I care not for your political struggles. Franz can take bake their lands. Our own forces are departing to find what I need. Anything else you want to add or say? Im a busy man you know."

Cronberg smiled again at the Tsar. "Are you searching for a woman perchance Your Majesty? Because we have intelligence on where she might be." Cronberg wasn't stupid, a downed Molakian helicopter with a civilian girl inside. It was a gamble, but he would take it, to be honest, he didn't have much else to lose. "We get her back, you help us. And depending on keeping this rage, you might be interested in what we have for the long term."

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Romanov fires a shot into the mans shoulder.

"Was that a threat? Oh Im sorry, i Cant hear you over the screams."

He kicks the chair over and stands over the fallen rebel.

"I dont respond well to threats. Tell your maker I said hello."

Romanov empites 2 more rounds into the mans head. A senator walks in and sees the blood and starts to turn...

"Tell the janitors to dump his body in the garden and bury it. I want fertilizer for my Rose Garden." he says with a sadistic smile.

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In Vantaa, Col. Larkin surveyed the damage. Not so long ago, he had stood on this exact spot and watched as the C-17's had taken the last of his combat troops home to Taeunas. Now they were coming back. Command had hoped it wouldnt be needed this time. Figureing that the people of Hansa had all left for the South Pacific, CBR crews had been sent in with virtualy no security.

That had been a mistake. In recent weeks, the outlying teams had come under sporadic attack. No one had been killed, thankfully, but several people had been injured, three of them in critcal condition. In response, his brigade had been sent to quell these attacks and pacify the area. Technically, this was Neo Franz land now, but with their civil war they were in no pisition to do much here.

So, here he was, back in this God forsaken hole. It almost made him question his faith as he stood here, drinking his tea. But, he also considered how it had happened. "Crazy, but brave and trustworthy" was what they called the PM in Taeunas. Out gunned and out manned, she still dedicated her forces to honor a treaty.

A high pitched whine brought him from his thoughts and he watched another transport come down. Checking the list, he found that it contained several of his Glory tanks. Good. He was afraid he was going to need them soon. Raising his field glasses, he could see tech crews on the north end, getting his forward scouts ready. Two full squadrons of H-75D Yellowjacket helicoptors. Not too far from those was something they hadn't had last time. Jagatai attack aircraft. Air to mud or air to air capable, he wasnt sure why they were here. Everyone had heard the stories of the Molakian head of state putting a gun tot he PMs head. Maybe someone was worried about them trying to invade. Larkin snorted at that thought.

He sat down and looked over the morning paperwork. A couple teams were going to the edge of Helsinki, to take readings and samples. His combat teams would have to be orginised for patrols in the outlying areas. He sighed. It was going to be a long damn day.

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"Such rage, that old man has." Hok smiled after two days of Cronberg's absence. "Well we made our gamble gentlemen that we could secure Molakia's help and apparently that will not be the case."

"Then would we consider it wise to continue with the plan Councilor Hok? After all, I highly doubt that our forces would be able to destroy Franzharia, Taeunas, and Molakia, plus what happens if we establish ourselves. The Scandinavian Union would never allow it, you are a wanted man Josef."

Hok rolled his eyes. "Tell me something I haven't heard before." He looked back down at the map and sighed. "Gentlemen, the longer we wait, the more the enemy organizes and they will begin to expand their forces north. We must take this opportunity to seize the major cities and mount a counter attack. As I said before, Molakia is our only problem, so long as we can neutralize the Taeunasian forces in the capital and in Turku. As for the Franzharians, a message to their King Elijah after he has sent soldiers in saying that we do not wish to be bothered should be enough to sway him. Pacifists are always so easy to handle diplomatically."

"Then the plan is as we decided it sir?"

"Yes. Tomorrow morning, I want to begin the advance and rebellion south towards Turku and engage any forces there. The uprising should be enough to get our point across and have the Taeunasians leave and realize its not worth their trouble. After that we will begin the march to Helsinki, after which we can declare independence in a true Hanseatic state. An absolute despotism, the way government is supposed to be run." The men around the councilor saluted before withdrawing from the table, but Hok stopped Grigor before he exited the room completely. "Grigor, not so fast. I need you for a very distinct mission."


"That Molakian copter, in Romanov isn't going to help us then we can't trust him. I want you to take fifteen men and follow the soldiers that were fleeing. No prisoners, kill them all. I want you to draw the beast from his cage. The angry bull is much easier to kill."

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Europe seemed to be under a gray sky as of late and the European world seemed more dead than alive, but as Josef Hok stepped outside of his base north of Lahti he smiled. Behind him were sets of old Hanseatic tanks, stolen Taeunasian material, and Franzharian weapons, his army was barely able to eke out an existence in a land that had a similar environment to the moon, but that was all to change now. Hok took out a phone and opened it to his mouth, "Begin." he said and his gambit began once again in all its glory.

The plan was simple, Hok's force only numbered about 4,000 men, but it would be a defensive war. 2,000 had been split up into two columns one beginning the attack on Turku while at the same time the other column smashed into the defenses at Helsinki. Spies had reported that the Taeunasians would be outnumbered, maybe not out gunned, but hopefully the sporadic resistance that accompanied the Taeunasians everywhere they went in the region would make them think twice about really caring for a crater in Northern Europe.

**In Turku**

Orlof Tanbris looked from his binoculars as his tank vanguard made its first push towards the center of Turku. They moved slow, while the infantry behind him performed a mop-up of the streets that they passed along the way. It was a slow process, but as they neared the city center they had still yet to encounter any resistance from Taeunasian or the other forces. "Its quiet." Tanbris said to himself. "Did they abandon the entire city?" The tank vanguard continued to near the center of the town, waiting for an attack, but hoping that the city would fall without firing a single shot...

**Near Vantaa**

Hans Needa was in command of Hok's second army blazing towards Helsinki, blazing, as he had been ordered to secure the capital by the end of the day, no exceptions. Turku was valuable, it could provide a staging ground to push towards the east while perhaps give Hok's forces an avenue to create foreign allies to help stabilize their rebellion and force the three occupying nations out. But Helsinki was the cultural center of what had been the Hansa and Hok had plans for what had been the international center of diplomacy and humanism. Helsinki still stood to him as Tintagyl's last grip on Finland and until it was under his control, it would be a symbolic thorn in his side.

Needa had a much stronger force with ten tanks, with artillery reserves behind him, but the machines were inaccurate and unreliable, he figured an artillery barrage from those cannons would do as much harm on the Taeunasian forces as if he would shoot a pistol at their defenses; a pistol would be more accurate actually.

"Damn it!" Needa threw the binoculars he had on the ground behind him. "They're dug in. There's no way we're going to be able to break through this with what we have."

"What about the artillery General?"

"I doubt it would put a dent in it." Needa thought about his options and nodded his head. "Nevertheless we've been ordered to take Helsinki today and by God we're going to do it." He signaled back at the artillery captains placed behind his armor vanguard. "Fire upon my command!"

He looked down at the ridge again, now he needed luck. "Fire!"

The rebel artillery unleashed an enormous barrage of cannon, but the age of the cannons made the shells fly completely overhead or undershot. However what they did do was cause a lot of smoke, which Needa could use to his advantage. Climbing back into his tank, he issued the order to charge against the Taeunasian defenses, hopefully the cannon had done more than he hoped...

**North of the Downed Molakian Helicopter**

Grigor and fifteen man stormed down the road in a troop of four jeeps coming to a town that was just beginning to wake up. The village was barely a dot on the map, but as Grigor had limbed away from the firefight with the Molakian soldiers, this was the obvious route. They were in the village somewhere, it was just a matter of where and then what to do with the bodies...

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Anna sits in one of the empty offices of the clinic. She fingers throught the books on the wall.

"So many words to save lives...none to kill them." She says to herself. She sighs and takes a seat at the desk and thumbs throught a manual on gunshot wounds. Williams walks into the room and places an AK47 on the desk.

"I cant use this thing. My arm would snap under the recoil." she says, toying with a pistol. "You know how to use that sucka?"

Anna takes the rifle, does a quick check and loads it.

"Hell, my best friend is a former Military Officer. You dont think he taught me how to use a gun? Im a pretty good shot....at paper targets anyway. Ive never shot at a person..." she says, trailing off.

Except once. She thinks to herself.


Moscow, Russian Federation


A young 17 year old Anna Ivanova is walking from Nikonor Romanovs apartment in downtown moscow. The snow is falling lightly and the whole city is in a dim glow.

Not wanting to be outside for long, she takes a shortcut throught an alleyway. Bad Idea.

"Hey little girl...lost are we?" an old bum says, whiskey heavy on his breath.

"Uhh...no sir. Im just passing through." she says, attempting to walk around the man.

"Really? I can pass alot through things..." he mutter, laying his hands on her body. Anna shoves him away and he draws a knife to her throat.

"Move and ill kill you. Be like one of those red light dancers....." he orders, taking her bag.

Anna obliges, almost too willingly. As she dances, she slides a small pistol from her pants and hides it in her long shirt. As she closes in on him, she shoves the man to the wall and aims the gun at his head.

"Drop it! Ill shoot!" she yells,shaking as she aims.

The man turns around and starts walking too her.

"A pretty girl like you wont shot anyone. Now come here!" he yells.

Anna lets off 2 shots into the mans chest. She drops the gun and grabs her stuff before running home. When her mother ask her what happened, she said she fell down some steps and her jacket was ruined. She left it on the ground. Her mother berates her for being so careless and stupid before hitting the bottle.

Anna goes into her room and closes the door, sliding down and sobbing.

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"Yeah. A couple of them actually, they came in from out from the south, looked pretty bad, a few gun shot wounds. Went over to the local clinic for some treatment I believe."

Grigor nodded at the villager motioned to his men behind him. "The clinic, surround the building, but don't do anything until I give the word is that understood."

"Of course Grigor." Said the rebel giving a quick salute.

Slowly the fifteen rebel sent by Hok advanced towards the clinic situated at the end of the town, the villagers who barely considered themselves either Hanseatic or Franzharian cared not for the news from Helsinki and this warfare that was coming to their town was entirely foreign. They quickly shut themselves in their homes and bolted the windows shut to avoid any repercussions that might come from the rebel attack on the clinic.

After the building had been surrounded by the fifteen rebels Grigor marched to the front of the wide circle and paused. Trying to kill them would be easier, but Hok was being brash, they were ten times more useful as prisoners. Molakia could still be drawn in on their side. "Molakians! You are trespassing in territory claimed by the Hansa Rebellion Movement, we ask that you surrender so as not to draw fire from our guns!" He shouted into the building and awaited a reply...

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The forward scouts had barely gotten set up when they started to hear the low rumbles of engines. The units two sniper teams moved cautiously through the city and took up positions where they could look down on the slowly advancing force.

"Awww crap," said the spotter from the first team as he looked through his scope "I was hoping it was NF troops. No such luck." He read some numbers through the scope, punched them into his calculator and read the results to the sniper. He'd opened a window just enough to poke the rifle through. The rifle was a big one, a bolt action .50 cal. The spotter slipped his hearing protectors on.

Picking an enemy soldier at random, he adjusted his sights and carefully sighted the crosshairs on the mans forehead. At 700 meters, it would be no mean shot.

While the snipers were settling into their perches, the rest of the scouts were busy. A four man sapper team set out almost a dozen shaped charges in abandoned cars and trucks. These would be tripped by the ultra thin wires reaching across the street. When broke, four pounds of C-4 would detonate, sending shrapnel and chunks of vehicles in all directions. The six tube mortar team had set up on the top level of a parking structure, and had the coordinates from the spotters all dialed in. Now they waited for the signal to fire, rounds poised over the tubes, ready to be dropped.

A finger squeezed. The big .50 roared. 700m away, the top third of a man was nearly cut away. Instantly, the sniper and spotter of the first team began to gather up their gear and move.

The mortar team heard the shot and let go of their rounds. The first six rounds crumped out of the tubes and began to fall among the tanks and infantry. The second sniper team called in corrections for the fire and the rounds kept coming. For three minutes this kept up, then all the teams packed up and fell back to set up and do it all over again. As they moved, the news was radioed to Vantaa.


"What the hell...?" Col. Larkin said as he heard the distant thump of artillery. Looking north, he saw smoke rising. "DAMNIT! SOMEONE REPORT!" Already he could see six AH-75's lifting and heading in that direction.

"Sir," a radioman called "delta company, 3-15 infantry reporting... taking heavy fire, but all of it inaccurate. Three wounded, one KIA, when a near miss upset a Puma. They've got tanks coming through the smoke, and are returning fire. He's requesting air support do something about the heavy guns, sir. The debris from those things is forcing his people to keep their heads down."

"Tell him its on the way and send out a flight of Jagatai to kill those guns. Get bravo company, 1-64 armor to sweep in from the side and hit the tanks. Tell that infantry captain to hold tight, help is on the way."

A second radio tech piped up "Sir! Reports from our forward scouts in Turku! They've engaged a medium enemy force of tanks and infantry. They've inflicted light losses and taken none of their own so far!"

Larkin glared daggers at the man. "Tell me you're kidding." he growled. He looked back out the windows. "What in the hell is goin on? A two pronged attack? Heavily armed resistance? Where did this come from? SOmeone call back to Dublin and let them know whats going on and that we may need the rest of the division. NOW!"

The AH-75's had IR capable tracking and laser targeting for their weapons. Within a few minutes of taking off, they were hovering back away from the action. Until the artillery was silenced, they couldnt move in without possibly being hit by a lucky shell. That was ok though. Each chopper carried four Spectre long range anti-tank missiles. Using the lasers to pinpoint the tanks, these were all fired, one at a time.

Four Jagatai fighters from Panther Squadron screamed down the runway and into the air. Each was armed with six 500lbs cluster bombs and four 1000lbs LGB's. They banked northeast began to search.

**The Downed Chopper**

Unknown to Grigor as he was unknown to them, a forward scout unit consisting of two APC's with a full squad each and two Glory tanks had found the crashed chopper and were investigating. They found multiple tracks and a few spent casings. Even more telling, a civilian body with a bullet hole in it. The tracks led away to the north, so the scouts started off in that direction.

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A shot rings out and slams into Grigors knee.

"Thats for kneecapping me you son of a vox! OPEN FIRE!" Sgt Roe yells from his Wheelchair, shooting at the rebels who dove for cover. Anna is sitting next to the door, hoping that she doesnt have to fire...again.


Rebel Town

Outskirts of Town

Molakian Royal Guard

Nikolai Romanov sits perched on the hillside near the town. Gunfire is heard in the distance.

"Clacks...sounds like...AKs! MOVE OUT!" he yells.

"Sir, we dont have air support. We dont know how many are out there." one of his Sgts calls out.

Romanov fires his AK at the soldiers leg, hitting his main artery.

"You will die a slow death kid. NEVER QUESTION THE TSAR!" he yells. Him and the remaining 2 Fireteams move out into the town.

"Royal-1 this is Stealthhawk Alpha we are en route, ETA 30 minutes."

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Time stopped for a moment then it was immediately followed by a line of explosions. The column of rebels ran to the sides of the buildings as soon as the sniper had let loose their rounds, but by that time the streets of Turku had transformed into a blazing inferno as the tanks still steadily moving down the streets tripped the wires detonating the C4. The shrapnel of the vehicles cut into the rebel infantry as the fell down in pools of blood against the pavement, at the same time the mortar barrage that followed halted the advance of the tanks if only for a moment, but decommissioned two of the five.

"Goddamn it!" Tanbris pounded his fist down onto the console of the tank. "What's going on out there?"

"Surprise attack by the Taeunasians. We've lost two tanks and our men are beginning to retreat general."

Tanbris shook his head. "Damn. No, don't let them retreat, they can't have that large of a garrison. Tell the tanks to turn back, we'll use them as a retreat passage in and out of the city, but tell the infantry to advance, we need to disable wherever those mortars are coming from."

"Yes sir."

Following the radio commands the rebel troops who had taken refuge in the buildings along the tanks pathway waited while the tanks began to withdraw from the line of fire from the mortars. After the barrage would stop the rebel forces would begin an advance again, a mop-up advance, slow and cumbersome, but they would need to clear the buildings along the tank pathway of resistance and snipers while clearing the motar positions on the rooftops.


It was a massacre, almost as soon as the rebel offensive had begun Taeunasian air support had lain waste to the artillery positions while destroying the tank force that was charging the defenses. Needa was already dead by this point and without their commander and tank support the infantry quickly retreated back into the fields. There was still an abundance of rebel troops, but the unit commanders knowing that Helsinki was too heavily defended retreated back into the northern forces to secure the other towns to the north.

**The Village**

"Goddamn it you !@#$%^&*! I gave you a chance to save yourself!" Grigor screamed back as he hobbled back toward the line of rebels encircling the clinic. "Kill them! Kill them all!" And they unleashed hell on the clinic.


"Such losses Josef. How are we supposed to be successful?"

"Have I taught you nothing Malthus? Men are dispensable, leaders are not. If we die then the dream dies. If they die, we just have to fight again somewhere else."

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The scouts had set up again. Both sniper teams reported the armor pulling back, but the foot sloggers kept coming. This was true urban warfare. Both snipers shooting as fast as they could set up, then moving again. Watching the enemy dart from building to building. It had slowed them down considerably.

It was decided that the mortars at this point would be a waste of time. Instead, the Taeunas soldiers concentrated on the delaying action. They only needed to hold on for 90 minutes and then the first units from Alpha 3-64 armor would arrive. They began to pull back toward the river running through the middle of town. When they reached it, the sappers began to set up more explosives. In one building they strapped cratering charges to the supports in the basement. These would be activated by remote. Then the whole team dug into an apartment building across the river and waited.


The Jagatai's had laid waste to the artillery. Four more Yellowjackets had lifted, these loaded with special air assault troops. They would use their IR scanners to chase down small groups and eliminate them. In one instance, a pilot flew so low as to flatten the rebels with his rotor wash so the troops he carried could capture them.

Col. Larkin listened to the reports of the retreating rebels. "What in the name of St. Patrick do these people think they're doing?" He listened as a young infantry captain described the type of equipment being used by the rebels. "Unbelieveable. SarMaj, what are the casualties so far?"

"Sir, we have ten wounded and three KIA. One when his Puma rolled and crushed him, another from some shrapnel he took in the neck and bled out, the last from a chunk of a building that came down on his head and broke his neck."

Larkin sat and scrubbed his hands over his face. "Three letters to write. Of all the lousy jobs in the service, thats the worst. Ok. Tell Dublin we're gonna need the rest of the division in here if we're going to secure this country. Also, send both charlie and delta companies from 1-30 infantry to Turku to help them secure that city. Tell them to make for the airport. That runway is almost a mile and a half long, we can use it."

Another flight of Jagatai's took off and headed north, to keep track of the rebels retreat and maybe find out where they came from. It was a long shot, but worth the fuel.

**Outside the Village**

SSgt. Devlin brought the scouts to a halt outside the village. "Andrews, you hear that?"

"Yeah sarge, sound like automatic weapons."

"Thats what I figured." He keyed his radio mic. "Ok, form up. Glorys front and back, APC's in the middle. Gunners be ready. Make sure you ID your targets before firing on them. Try to take some alive if we can. Ok, everyone ready? MOVE OUT!" The four tracked vehicles kicked into gear, churning up the ground beneath their treads as they sped into the town.

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Elijah sat in Bastion, looking stoiclly over what remained of his fragile Kingdom. As reports began to file in about heavy fighting in the south, he ordered his Air Force to gear up, and a message broadcasted to the southern territories.


Non-friendlies will surrender now or we will beging bombing runs. Our planes are hot, do not test my will.

This is non-negotiable.

You have 12 hours."

If this was to be his last act as King, Elijah was determined to wipe the enemies of his people, both his Franzharian and Hanseatic brethren, from the face of the earth.

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Josef Hok looked down at the reports that were filling up his desk and the letter that had come through the line from King Elijah. He smiled as he took the letter and folded it in his pocket while he picked up his coat, hat and pipe. "Malthus. Is the Cessna ready?"

"Yes Councilor, everything was packed yesterday. But are you sure we want to leave already?"

"This is Marieheim's territory now, the whole of Scandinavia reduced to corporations." Hok smiled as he filled the pipe with Cavendish tobacco. "I wish I would have been around for this, I would have fit in just perfectly."

"Are we giving up on the rebellion then Your Excellency?"

"We are here." Hok began to fill the room with smoke and the smell of Cavendish. "But that doesn't mean we're giving up. Our problem Malthus isn't that we lack fervor or drive, its the fact that we lack materials. Let's face it, we are terrorists, we are looking to change the established ways and there are many more people like us other there. Our problem is that we haven't been talking to them."

"But they have different goals than we do. You wanted to be despot of the Hansa, the Hansa is gone Your Excellency."

Hok laughed. "Despot of such a small country seems minor now Malthus. Mind you I still want little Sarah dead, but that comes with the game. We're new to the game, lets introduce ourselves to the other players and use what resources we still have to try and tip the scales in our favor. After all, you are looking at the CEO of the Baltica Iron Works Company."

"But Baltica is dead sir?"

"But the riches are still deep in Prussian vaults. I'm still a wealthy man Malthus, I just need the right time to bring that wealth to full power." He puffed and opened the door of the cabin. "Now lets get going, its a long time to the Pacific."

"Where are we going sir?"

"Confucianism. After all, I still want her dead and what better way to start than in Oceania and maybe we can cause some other mischief in the region while we're there." The propeller blades whirled as the Cessna took off into the dark Finnish sky and the remnants of Hansa had all but disappeared from the painting that was Europe.

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"GRENADE OUT!" yells Sgt. Roe as he flings one from his seat. It bounces infront of Rebel cover and explodes, taking out one of the men and wounding the other. Bullets are tearing the small clinic aparta as Garrus, Roe and Williams return fire.

"Im running----Hrk!" yells williams as a bullet tears into her shoulder.

"ROE! Williams is down!" yells Garrus, letting loose another magazine from his RPK.

"Ah Vox! Anna! Can you drag williams to cover? We gotta keep these guys down!" shouted Roe, reloading his AK.

"Ill try!" anna replies, crawling to Williams. Now, Williams is not a small woman. She is built molakian tough, and is fairly muscular. Anna struggles to move her until Williams starts kicking, moving them behind a desk.


2 Blocks from Combat Zone

Molakian Royal Guard

Tsar Romanovs men rush down the town streets with a mad pace, easily what can be called a sprint. Romanov himself hits a corner and peaks around, again noticing no one. He waves his men over to him to prepare to cross.


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**The Village**

The Taeunas scout team stopped at the ad hoc battle. The first Glory tank fired five 20mm rounds into the ground in front of the clinic, sending up guysers of dirt into the air. The second Glory did the same in front of the rebels. SSgt. Devlin's voice boomed from a loudspeaker.

"Everyone cease fire! Put down your weapons and come out! Any resistance will be met with extreme and lethal force! Do it now!"


Col. Larkin looked in disbelief at the transcript of the NF message. "Are they mad? We're still running CAPs here! Tell them to hold off, we're getting things under control!"

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"They want us to stop killing them? Are they mad?!" Yelled Roe, loading his last magazine.

"Forget them! Fire at the rebels." Garrus says, shouldering a RPG. He fires into the cover of one of the rebels, taking down 2 more. Roe starts single shoting any moving rebels.


Romanov's Team

Tsar Romanov stops and peaks around the corner. He sees the rebels crouching and take an RPG hit. The Molakian Detachment sets up positions on the rooftops near the Clinic.


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Knowing his team was surrounded and the fight lost Grigor, bleeding from his leg only smiled. "They will kill us if we surrender, so we might as we'll take some of them with us." He turned to the rest of his detachment. "Half of you aim for the !@#$%^&* in the clinic the other half against the Tsar's battalion. We'll take them all to hell with us!" As the rebels let loose their final attack of fury.

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SSgt. Devlin watched in disbelief. "They've gone mentaller! Ok, if thats the way they want to have it. Glorys, supressive fire on the so-called Molakians. Make then keep their heads down."

"But sarge, what if..."

"No what ifs! They wandered into our AO with no notification whatsoever. They take their chances. Ok, first squad, we're going to back this beast of an APC into that clinic! As soon as we break the wall, open the hatch just enough to toss two flash bangs and two CS Riot Gas out! Second squad! Take out those rebels! If you can capture the loudmouth, do it! If not, oh well. Ok, DO IT!"

The Glory turrets spun and spat 20mm shells at the Tsar and his troops, forcing them to back away from the buildings edges. Second squad locked their weapons in the firing ports and the APC charged the rebel line like an enraged fire breathing dragon. SSgt. Devlins APC spun so its rear was facing the front of the clinic. The driver slipped into reverse and gunned the engine, not stopping till he had knocked a hole in the wall.

The back hatch opened just a sliver and the four grenades tossed out. As the door was slammed shut, they heard the muffled WHUMP of the flash bangs. Donning their gas masks, they got ready to bulldog the folks inside and secure them.

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