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Emergency Nuclear Survival


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This is Generalissimo, Generalissimo Procinctia broadcasting on the 170 band.

If you are within eight miles of Oglodak Island this transmission has overtaken all frequencies, leave the vicinity Oglodak Island immediately. The strength of this broadcast may be hazardous to your health. Five minutes of direct exposure will probably cause cancer, nine minutes of direct exposure will cause death.

Repeat, if you are in the immediate vicinity of Oglodak Island the strength of this transmission will kill you, if you are in the immediate vicinity of Oglodak Island the strength of this transmission will kill you.

In response to the international nuclear conflict, I am reallocating the entirety of the 170 frequency. I realize this may be a little drastic, but what do we have to lose?

The entirety of the 170 is to be used for search, rescue, and response.

If you are in an area immediately affected by the post atomic catastrophe, are in need of assistance, and are to respond to this frequency; please respond and I will try to direct assistance your way, or at the very least guide you through your survival.

Most of you probably only know me from frequency 103.9 and are probably asking why someone from a mostly defunct country you’ve probably never heard of should be trusted with your survival? Right now, if you are in the middle of it, there might not be anyone else. I’ve survived a year alone in the contaminated wasteland of Saint Paul City, which makes me the world’s foremost expert on living through this sort of thing. Besides, signals coming from Europe are extremely erratic, in some places I might be the only voice you hear.

Right now I’m doing this myself, but I would appreciate help, from anyone; cell towers, HAM radio operators, radio stations, television networks, or survival experts.

Out of Character Information: The technology is nothing fancy, just outdated transmitters operating far above safe (or survivable) output levels.

Broadcast available simultaneously on analog television and most forms of radio, also steaming on the internet.

Responses must be through radio (most forms) or cell phones (no landlines).

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This is Neo Olympian MILCOM communications centre.

Radiation levels have peaked in Australia three days ago at a level of 1Sv they are currently at 0.8Sv and falling.

We have reported several medium to minor cases of radiation sickness but new cases are decreasing in frequency every day.

We anticipate that in two weeks we will clear the shelters and resume normal operations.

We have adequate supplies of food and water and do not require assistance.

We thank you for your concern, Please use frequency 91.5 for further communications, we are interested in your knowledge of nuclear survival and we will review and publish your research in our academic journals and give you full credit and recognition for your work if it is of sufficient quality.

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