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Vidian Heritage


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Message From Solaris

The Solarian Parliament would gladly partake in this meeting. President Marcus Vitrillo will be in personal attendance along with senior diplomat officials and the Presidents personal security detachment, for obvious reasons. We look forward to this meeting greatly.

-Sincerely, The Solarian Parliament

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When the plane of the President arrived rather than going to the International Airport it was rerouted to Sanc AFB after which under heavy escort it was taken to the bunker of the Government and Military Command where he would meet the Viceroy.

"We are sorry we couldn't do it the normal way but due to the risk of a Nuclear Attack it is the best we remain underground"

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Diplomat-General Axayacatl entered the conference room in a modified Mexica tilpa over a Punjabi salwar. Although there was no general audience for the meeting, he did intend to send a message of Himynamistani cultural pride, the mingling of Northern Indian and Central Mexican languages and practices...

"You should have had the meeting in Zzzptmacan. Not only are we unaligned, we have an extensive anti-missile defense system. All the same, good to meet with you all."

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