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Welsh Expansion

Mergerberger II

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With the securing of the Country of Wales under total human control, the humans named the city of Cardiff as their capitol, building it to a level worthy of Man. Farms begun planting crops all over, and great factories were built based on ancient designs found at a very large structure in Gwynedd. They began to produce something called 'rifles', tools of death, they called them. They would use them, they believed, to expand Glorious Wales to a point where she could become one of the greatest nations on this tiny planet. Maps had also been found there, detailing the lay of the land not only in Wales and Britain, but in all the world. They looked at it, and they found places around the world that would be very strategic to secure. From the ancient designs and maps, they discerned that they would need something called 'oil', and from resource maps of the world, they concluded that there was much of this substance underground in the region labeled the 'Middle-East'. They would go to it.

They also found strategic positionis around the world, labeled the 'Straits of Gibraltar', the 'Bosphorous Strait', and a place with relatively low ground levels that could be a very useful place for ships to pass through heading from one side of the world to the other, rather than being forced to travel around the massive landmass of Africa. They would find these locations and establish themselves as the rulers of them, so that they could control their own fate and the fate of others.

They set out in steamboats, designs also found in the ancient structure. They chugged to the Straits of Gibraltar, the Suez, and a country they called 'Kuwait'. They would easily be able to secure these areas, they figured, as the world was still sparsely populated minus a few remote tribes spread thinly across her surface. They knew it would take a good long while until they would finally reach their destinations, so they were sure to pack much food and water for their long and arduous journey.

Meanwhile, in Wales, they began to build the things they had found in what had been named the 'Great Structure'. They began to learn to weld and how to use and create things like blowtorches, how to forge iron, how to create steel, what aluminum was, rubber, they learned many, many things from the Great Structure, many of them hallmarks of Welsh society to this day. And although they knew that they could not use them yet, they began to build them, ready for when the oil finally arrived from Kuwait. They build refineries, and other massive structures, so that they would be ready when the first barrel of oil showed up on its ship, ready to be used by the Welsh in their Great Scheme.


taking Gibraltar, bosporous, Suez, and Kuwait. still should be within the legal limit, as wales is small.

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ooc: Approved, unless someone moves to stop you and is in the range to do so. There's only a few I can think of that have a chance to. Nice thinking. Damned imperialist :-P. Yes, I was holding a mirror when I said that last sentence.

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