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Who are we?

We are the Tropicanians.


OOC: Looks like that-ish, just without the gills. Im not good enough to make one.

IC: We are a somewhat aquatic species despite breathing air instead of water. Slightly more adept swimmers than humans due to some features.

Nation Stats:

GDP: 150,346,611,000

Population: 41,923,200

Air Force: 105 squadrons, 1260 aircraft

Navy Vessels: 61 military

Tanks: 2050

Soldiers: 279,170 - Efficiency: 577,880

Tech: 2350

Year: 1984


Democratic Republic

President: Philip Daly

Vice-President: Tyler Cohen

Senate: 100 members

Assembly: 250 members

Leading Party: Progressive Party

Land Claim


We have laid claim upon RL Venezuela.

"We would like to extend our greetings to any and all visitors of different races and species of the (spores) world!"

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OOC: I've not found a proper claim by either of them in the map or claims threads in Open World.

Participants Shadow Sage and Jutopia. You are put on notice. Both of you have claimed the same area of the world in the RP without posting a claim in either the claims thread.. or any of the main maps threads.

Here's my ruling: First come first serve. First of you to post a map of your dominions in the map threads will successfully claim the areas mapped. The second will have to find somewhere nearby to create their nation. Good luck to you both.

Unfortunately, Jutopia, he has made his claim first in the rp and is also now first in the map and claims threads. You will have to relocate Tropicana, though everything else besides your geography is in awesome shape. May I suggest Haiti or Venezuela? Or maybe Mexico? That is.. unless you want to talk to him and see if he wants to talk about dividing this area up under a war of insurgency? That would be rather interesting.

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