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Allies once more.


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Keshav has been a friend of ours for quite a period. When he reestablished his power in the Manchuria area, we decided to sign a treaty with him. Although some of us may find this quick, we see that this developing nation is in good hands, considering my wife, Megan Fox, is among the top politicians and governmental officials.

May our friendship last long, and may this nation prosper.

Articles I:

In recognition of mutual friendly relations and to solidify those relations between the sovereign nations of The Northern Empire and Manchuria, both signatories do hereby proclaim that they shall co-operate in times of war to ensure their mutual defense and optional aggression.

Articles II:

The nations shall recognize the independence of one another. Neither signatory shall ever compromise the border of the other, and any such action automatically nullifying this agreement. They shall also consult each other in the most respectable manner.

Articles III:

In the event that both nations have allies on two opposing sides of a war, they shall confer before taking any decisive action in said war. If it comes to the point where the signatories must split for a temporary period so to help other allies in need, a temporary nullification of the defense clause can be made.

Articles IV:

Should any of the signatories come under the attack of any third party, they may request assistance by the other signatory to repel said attack. Assistance may include financial or military. Both signatories must obey said request for assistance if called upon and a response will be needed, unless the nation under attack has unnecesarily provoked the attack in question

Articles V:

Should any of the signatories go into an aggressive war against a nation it is not needed for the other signatory to go to war, but it is encouraged to do so.

Articles VI:

The signatories of this treaty agree to share military radar and infrastructure networks so as to increase the overall global vision of one another. Military Facilities access is permitted between both nations.

Articles VII:

The signatories of this treaty are required to not put any tariffs on imports from the other nations, and shall engage in free trade. Economic and technology sharing is open between both nations.

Articles VI:

In any direct violation of this treaty, the treaty is automatically cancelled. In any point one nation wishes to part from this pact, the other nation must be alerted with a 72 hour notice period.


Signed for The Northern Empire,

Mykep the Younger, Emperor

Signed for Manchuria,

Managing Director- "The White Tiger",Lieutenant Keshav

Executive Director- Megan Fox

General Manager- Cooper

General Manager- Keira Knightley

Assistant General Manager- Cindy Crankshaw

Assistant General Manager- Drake Bell

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