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Birth of a Nation


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Ladies and gentlemen,

I address you tonight as President of a new nation. With the breakup of the Empire of Gebiv, the Iberian people have come together and formed a Federation of free peoples, led by a government founded on peace, justice, and the respect of human rights. The people have spoken, and we now stand united in our Iberian heritage.

To our neighboring lands, we extend to you a hand of friendship. The Federacion would look favorably upon any offers of trade agreements or defense pacts, assuming we are able to bargain in good faith. We look to join the international community as a broker of peace, a guarantor of justice, and an advocate for human rights. We pledge ourselves especially to commit no deed in the darkness of night which we would be ashamed to do in the light of day. What you see is, in fact, what you will get.

This is a proud day for the Iberian people. Please join us in our celebration, as we join you at the table of nations.

Viva la Federacion!


Juan Esparrago

Presidente de la Federacion Iberiana

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