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Elections in IndoChina

comrade nikonov

Who should be IndoChina's next Chairman?  

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"Its a great day to be IndoChinese."

In a symbol of greater days, and a creation of a liberal state, Chairman Zhu De, who traditionally rules for life, has voluntarily initiated election reform. Starting now, 6 parties will vie for the Chairman seat, a symbol of great power and almost dictatorship. So what are you waiting for? Make sure that thumb is purple!


Kao Wei [indoChinese Francoist Party] -A run-of-the-mill Francoist, Kao Wei's apparently moderate views won the hearts of the Francoist people.

Ji Su [Republican Party of IndoChina] - A devout Christian in a Buddhist-Daoist country, Ji Su's Republican platform is conservative in nature and favors deficit-spending.

Zhao Fang [Democratic-Nationalist Party of IndoChina] - Slightly militaristic (promoting increase of military spending to 15% of budget) and socially liberal, the youth favors him.

Liu Yi [Communist Party of IndoChina] - The groomed successor of Zhu De, this man will fail to disappoint.

Bao Chen [Moderate Socialist Party of IndoChina] - A Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, this former construction worker is relatively unknown.

Jie Pu [indochinese Party of Martencism] - A strict believer in Martencism, Jie Pu favors ethnic segregation.

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Kao Wei [Francoist] [ 13 ] ** [33.33%]

Ji Su [Republican] [ 3 ] ** [7.69%]

Zhao Fang [Democratic-Nationalist] [ 5 ] ** [12.82%]

Liu Yi [Communist] [ 12 ] ** [30.77%]

Bao Chen [Moderate Socialist] [ 3 ] ** [7.69%]

Jie Pu [Martencist] [ 3 ] ** [7.69%]

Kao Wei narrowly wins.

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