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Elections in the Republic

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OOC: Assume this is occuring after the council in Helsinki...



Beginning of Elections in the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands

"Although my time as the Prins of the Republic has come to an end, I am confident that the people of the Republic will choose a good new leader with bright ideas and the proper care for everyone in the Republic, and only the best intentions for his or her people. We are a glimmer of light on this dark planet Bob, and we must remain so."

-Prins Willem Van Oranje in a speech today


-Stefan Colbért


Son of a Dutch Professor and a Parjisian Senator, Stefan Colbért has, since the founding of the Senate, been a member of it. He was a profound Revolutionary, co-leading with Willem Van Oranje the Dutch Revoultion, and signing the Delcaration of Independence himself. He did much work with the Constitution, most notably the parts concerning welfare. He worked hard with Prins van Oranje on the Oranje Doctrine, and was a strong proponent of Groen Credendum. He agrees with welfare programs such as Magnus Pabulum, however feels they should be expanded from 10% to 20%. He is widely regarded as Oranje's 'resident socialist', and has recently been pushing Oranje to reorganize the Republic into the Syndicate of Parliamentary Socialist Republics, comprimising three primary districts, Netherlands, France, and the current province of Ile-De-France and the minor province between Ile De France and the United Kingdom. He is widely regarded by the poor as a saint, and was the man who proposed Magnus Pabulum. Polls show that he has 98% of people making less than ƒ20,000/year's vote. Polls show him at 47% of the overall, leading. He has also stressed the importance of an alliance with neighboring states in Europe, including our neighbors Vektaria and the United Kingdom. He is quite friendly with King Douglas, it has been noted, and feels that Vektaria will be the primary source of arms besides the United Francoist Empire. He has pushed for the making of a professional army, and the drafting of every young man into the army for two years upon turning 18. He has stated that he will never engage in an offensive war with another nation, however.

-General Napoléon Arceneau


Napoléon Arceneau is the adopted son of two Professors at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated first in his class in High School, and went on to train at the military academy after achieving his doctorate in Physics and Law at age 30. He was promoted to General at age 39, the youngest to hold the position. At age 44, he is regarded by many as 'inexperienced', despite leading operations on the island of Tunsheim and coordinating the strike against Andonia. He coordinated the building of an army, and the purchasing of arms from the United Francoist Empire. He also managed the transfer of Schwiiz to Gebiv, and was the one who recommended to Prins Willem Van Oranje that he use the money to rebuild Dan Haag and start the Great Infrastructure Project. He supports the current welfare programs such as Magnus Pabulum at their current state, and is a proponent of a bill to require all young men at the age of 18 to join the army for two years, and supports the idea of a National Draft, however only in situations of dire need. He supports forging a new alliance with Scandinavia, that is, Forvenge, Hansa, and Molakia, and supporting the current alliance with Neo Franzharia. He currently is standing at 33% of the vote, putting him in second behind Sefan Colbért.

-Senator Johan Stuart


A brilliant young man of the Republic, he has absolutely 100% supported the programs made by Willem Van Oranje. His policies mostly entail a continuation of Prins Oranje's policies, as well as new programs supporting the poor. He supports welfare programs for building housing projects for the poor, as well as programs supporting peace throughout Europe. He supports pan-European programs such as Universal Currency, Open Borders, and the elimination of the need for the use of passports when traveling between European Nations. He supports a program for Nationalizing Healthcare, which is estimated at 90 billion Guilders per year. He currently is a Senator, and although he makes only ƒ80,000 per year, he donates roughly half of his income to charity each year. He is the head of the Border House Charity, which is the prominent charity for building houses for the poor, especially around Dan Haag. He is standing with 16% of the vote, in third place overall.

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